Jun 05 2015

Blue Acorn ‘Geeks Out’ with the Launch of a Responsive Online Fabric Shopping Site

Fabric and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts will be excited to learn about our latest site launch, FabricGeek.com, a new online fabric retailer. The owners wanted to build a playful and vibrant website tailored to fabric fanatics that would feature large, detailed images.

Capturing these aesthetic qualities wasn’t the only thing on their mind or list of criteria for a partner. They wanted a cutting-edge and innovative Magento site, so they turned to the 2015 Magento Partner of the Year, Blue Acorn. Before beginning the development and implementation phase, we launched an extensive discovery process followed by a two-day immersive user experience (UX) design workshop that laid the groundwork for a responsive solution. With 65% of Americans owning a smartphone, including 85% of young adults (according to a recent study), the responsive design that began with the workshop would efficiently render their content on any device.

The design allows users to tailor their own shopping experience. The FabricGeek.com homepage provides customers with various paths to navigate the website. The homepage includes a mega-menu stocked with lifestyle photographs, allowing customers to peruse the website by category, brand, and material. Below the fold, customers are greeted with two large content areas. The first allows users to shop by selecting a color from a list of swatches and the second by choosing a project type such as upholstery, pillows, or cushions.

FabricGeek.com also offers a customer loyalty program, as well as free shipping on any order over $50. The AJAX free shipping calculator in the header dynamically updates the amount required to be eligible for free shipping as items are added to the shopping cart until the minimum has been achieved. For those that need more motivation to purchase, a special area on the cart page indicates how many rewards points the customer will earn after completing their purchase.

One of the most innovative features on FabricGeek.com is the flipcard functionality on the category/search results pages, Product Detail Pages (PDP), and the cart page. When a user clicks on a the ‘Info’ button, the product image ‘flips’ to the other side where more detailed information and an ‘Add to Cart’ button are displayed. This approach is a repurposed version of the normal ‘Quickview’ functionality, however this feature allows users to ‘flip’ over multiple products at the same time to compare and review.

Out-of-stock items can cause headaches for customers, but FabricGeek.com turns an out-of-stock item into an opportunity. If the product is out of stock, customers are presented a popup modal that allows them to choose from other options, such as ‘Order Now and Save 5%’ or be notified via email when the product returns to stock. Alternately, if an in-stock product is added to the cart, the site serves up confirmation, and the user can choose to ‘Checkout’ or ‘Continue Shopping.’

Blue Acorn also introduced a new Google Analytics (GA) Advanced Dynamic Event Tagging process that pulls data elements from each page into their GA account as users interact with the website. The rich, meaningful data will allow Blue Acorn and FabricGeek.com to take direct action on the site, leading to positive impacts on primary KPIs. For example, the GA Advanced Dynamic Event Tagging gives FabricGeek.com the ability to monitor customers’ attempts to add out-of-stock products to their carts and then effectively merchandise their website based on the data.

As for client satisfaction, Matt Grant of Fabric Geek had this to say, “Thanks so much for everything you guys have done to build our site. We really tried to think outside of the box for this website and Blue Acorn worked really hard to bring all of our big ideas to life.”

Are you a ‘Fabric Geek’? Check out the full experience at www.fabricgeek.com or check out the video below.

Bethany Kelley

After joining Blue Acorn's marketing team in 2014, Bethany jumped headfirst into the eCommerce world. Since then, she's focused on sharing Blue Acorn's achievements and client successes with the masses through social media, blogs, and press coverage.

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