Jun 08 2016

IRCE 2016 – Day One Session Recap

We’ve just concluded day one at IRCE 2016.  Today alone, there were over forty sessions and workshops. Before cocktail hour begins and I forget everything I’ve just seen, I thought I would share information from some of my favorite sessions of the day, including a breakdown of the keynote and special guest. If you’re attending… Read more »

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Mar 31 2016
investing in optimization

How to Invest in Optimization

Developing an optimization strategy requires more work than making room in the budget for an optimization tool. Still, you rarely hear tales of remorse from those that have gone down the path of optimization. Your goals and your traffic will determine how extensive your program should be. With that information, you’ll be able to decide… Read more »

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Dec 31 2015

2015 By the Numbers

As we say hello to the new year, it’s helpful to reflect on 2015. Blue Acorn was named Magento’s eCommerce Partner of the Year, expanded into a second building, won the coveted iFive:K spirit award and entered into a new partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). Along the way, we grew to over 100 employees and… Read more »

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Oct 07 2014

The Dangers of Quick A/B Tests

Testing is a science, and scientists go to great lengths to obtain accurate results. They ensure accuracy by writing a solid hypothesis, creating clean environments, minimizing outliers, and waiting for enough data to collect. You may not be looking for a cure or an answer regarding the cosmos, but if you want accurate results, you… Read more »

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