Jul 09 2013

Building Awareness With Adwords: From Googlefest


One week ago, two members of Blue Acorn’s Optimization team presented at Googlefest, a free, one-day conference formatted especially for non-profit organizations, small businesses and educators. Blue Acorn’s Conversion Consultant, Amanda Graham, spoke on the merits of Analytics, while I, User Engagement Specialist Dodiet Sutardjo, gave attendees the lowdown on Adwords.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, or if you just lost your notes, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a thorough overview of each presentation. Below you’ll find the highlights of my talk on Adwords. For an overview of Amanda Graham’s presentation on “Making an Intelligent Website with Analytics,” see the link at the bottom of this article.

“Building Awareness With Google Adwords”

With Dodiet Sutardjo

Dodiet Sutardjo

One of your biggest problems as a small business is awareness. For example, a local business in Charleston did over four months worth of sales in just two weeks after spending only $20 a day in AdWords. As a large business, it’s about turning awareness into traffic that converts at a higher rate. For example, one year after revamping one of our client’s account, their online revenue is up 123% year over year just from AdWords alone, while cost is down 50%.

No matter your size or you’re technical experience, Adwords can help you grow. A business owner with no AdWords experience was able to get a monthly ROI of 1237%. How is this possible? Think of traditional marketing as fishing. Google AdWords is pay-per-click marketing, meaning you pay for every click you get. Instead of paying for every time you cast a lure, you now pay for every time you get a bite. Tools like the Google Keyword Tool allow you to discover how many fish want different types of bait.

AdWords is targeted, immediate, controllable, and measurable.

  • Targeted: Ads are only shown to relevant customers so that they speak to the customer.
  • Immediate: You can start an ad campaign today in less than an hour. Lead times are almost non-existent compared to traditional marketing.
  • Controllable: Every aspect of your ad is under your control. That includes cost-per-click, budget, geotargeting, languages, devices and time of day.
  • Measurable: Unlike traditional marketing, you can track the effectiveness of your ads. You’ll know exactly how many visitors from AdWords arrived and you can calculate the CPA (cost per acquisition) and track user behavior like:

    -How long each AdWords visitor browsed your website.
    -What campaigns, down to the keyword and ad content, that was responsible for a conversion.
    -More importantly, exact ROI.

5 Essential Ingredients to Creating a Successful AdWords Account

  • Choose the right keywords – Outside of your brand name, what keywords would users search to find you? Ideally, these keywords should be 2-3 words long.

    Too short: flowers
    Too long: flower delivery for my wife in charleston sc
    Perfect keyword: flowers charleston sc

  • Structure your AdWords Account – Think in themes. Each theme can have its own ad.
  • Write a compelling ad – A common mistake that advertisers make is putting their brand name in the headline for non-branded searches.
  • Pick the right landing page – Not everyone will go to the homepage. Search engine users are spoiled. Even taking an extra click to find what they want may prove too much effort.
  • Track your customers or leads – As previously mentioned, integrating AdWords with Analytics will help you track customer behavior. This allows you to optimize your AdWords account.

Four Secret Ingredients to Setting Up a Successful Account

  • Start with the Search Network First – Google AdWords has two major networks: search and display.
  • Separate Mobile and Non-Mobile Traffic – Don’t confuse this with tablet traffic. Mobile traffic generally converts at a lower rate. Start with Non-Mobile traffic, your Desktop and Tablet users.
  • Know the Difference Between Keyword Match Types
  • Use Geo-targeting When Necessary – If you’re a local business that provides a walk-in service, there’s no need to target outside of your area.

Click here for Amanda Graham’s presentation on “Making an Intelligent Website with Analytics”

Blue Acorn


Angel DeMarc
Aug 02 2013

This is a really informative post for someone like me just recently delving into the adwords world. Thanks for a great share Dodiet!

Tyler Craft
Aug 06 2013

Great post Dodiet!

Jan 16 2014

Google AdWords is really a helpful software for businesses to manage their online advertising campaigns. However, not too many people have professional training before using it. Hope there will be more and more guides or instructions Google can provide.


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