Aug 22 2012

Vendor Spotlight: ListrakOptimizing Email for Delivery

Listrak Email Solutions

Founded in 1999, Listrak is a full-service email marketing firm providing solutions and services to increase the value of its clients’ email marketing programs. Blue Acorn sat down with Joe Nicholas, Channel Manager at Listrak, to learn more about the company and what they are doing to help their clients drive ROI.

Is there significance to the name, Listrak?

Listrak was one of the first email marketing tools available. In the early days, it allowed clients to build lists of their subscribers’ email addresses, create and deploy messages, and it had an advanced tracking system – allowing clients to see which subscribers opened, read, and clicked on the messages. It also offered deliverability metrics and geo-tracking data. Because of the amount of analytics we allowed clients to track, the name Listrak was conceptualized because clients could easily track their lists.

What drove your founders to create Listrak?

At the time, we were primarily a web hosting company and one of our clients, Movies Unlimited, wanted a way to communicate with their huge list of customers more effectively. So we built a solution that would allow them to create, deploy, and track emails. It worked so well that we focused our attention and efforts on making it the best email service available and it took off from there.

Listrak Email Solutions

Has the product changed since its inception?

Yes – over time we have gone from a “batch and blast” tool to a full service email service provider offering different eCommerce-related email solutions, such as marketing automation/behaviorally triggered messages, shopping cart abandonment, post purchase, solutions for acquisition, and more.

What led to these changes

As the industry and technology matured and subscribers became more savvy, we created solutions that would give our clients a competitive edge, such as a full service creative department, dynamic messaging capabilities, automated messages, and different eCommerce solutions. We help clients optimize their campaigns for delivery to the inbox, target specific subscribers, capture first time buyers, and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

What kind of feedback have you heard from your clients?

One of my favorite client quotes is from Travis Kleckner at Speedy Metals:

“The SCA (Shopping Cart Abandonment) program is surprisingly simple. That’s a money printing machine. It just goes. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to work at it. This pays for itself and the rest of Listrak as well”

What are the most common questions that you hear?

People want to know “When will Listrak 5.0 be available?” Listrak 5.0 has been a year in the making and represents an entirely redesigned user interface that focuses on the visual representation of data in order to better understand your email marketing analytics. While Listrak 5.0 is in private beta now, it will be generally available in early September. (check it our here!)

How many clients do you currently have?

We have hundreds of customers and thousands of users worldwide. We have been able to maintain a revenue growth rate of 35% over the past year and the number of emails that we sent for our eCommerce clients this year has grown about 60% over last year.

Listrak 5.0 Upgrade

What does an ideal client look like?

Our ideal clients are online retailers selling between $5 million and $500 million annually.

What attracts Listrak to Magento?

We identified Magento as one of the leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, and joined the Industry Partner Program at its inception almost 2 years ago. The Magento eco-system is very unique, and it’s a real privilege to participate in such a community and success driven marketplace. The power of our Connect Extension allows us to deliver results and drive revenue quicker for Magento retailers.

What is/are the most valuable part(s) of your service(s)?

Beyond the standard email marketing services, our marketing automation platform is connecting on-site behavioral events with automated triggered email that returns revenue to our customers in a big way. We layer on top best in class expert consulting and account management that really go the extra mile for our customers. Our customers find our account management team an integral part of their business is a key piece of the growth of their businesses.

Who are your main competitors?

We are often evaluated against Bronto and ExactTarget. For the past two years we have singularly focused on providing our customers with the best insights to create marketing decisions based on a consumers intent which we view as their click stream, as well as their historic shopping behavior which is their transactional order history. The key differentiator [between us and our competitors] is giving our customers the ability to create real-time marketing decisions based on this data. This data coupled with our marketing automation platform, Listrak Conductor, is what’s fueling our growth.

Listrak Email Solutions iPad Interface

Where do you see Listrak in five years?

Our success is our clients’ success. This success will mean an even greater multi-channel marketing platform for our customers to grow their businesses. We will focus on providing the best service and user experience for our customers, and we’ll let that success take us to the next vista.

What are you most excited about for the future of Listrak?

Right now we are in a very exciting time for the entire eCommerce industry. The category is growing at a nice rate, and we’re honored to be participating in such a vibrant community. Being a part of a greater ecosystem, such as the Magento community, has meant a lot to us, and we’ve loved the new friendships that we’ve made within the Magento ecosystem. The future can only get brighter for the entire community as a whole.

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