Jul 30 2012

Google to Add Remarketing Control to Google Analytics, AdWords

Google Analytics Intelligent Remarketing

The professionals at Google Analytics always give you more opportunities to make data-driven marketing decisions. Their latest announcement is no exception. Google Analytics is adding remarketing control directly into the Google Analytics platform. This means you can use Google Analytics data already available (and historical data) to create specific segments targeted for remarketing, then deploy your remarketing campaigns in a connected AdWords account.

Options for Remarketing Segmentation:

  • Time Period Following Visit
  • Number of Visits
  • Pages Visited While on Your Site
  • Goal Completions on Your Site

As a bonus, using this system means you will no longer have to tag specific campaign-targeted pages because the new Google Remarketing script is easily integrated into your Google Analytics script, which only needs to happen once.

Ready to start data-driven remarketing? Unfortunately, you may have to wait, but it won’t be much longer. Google plans to roll out the beta test to all Admin Google Analytics users with a Google Adwords account linked to their Analytics account by the end of the Summer. If you do not currently have your AdWords account linked to your Analytics account, it might be time to consider doing so.

Stay tuned to our eCommerce blog, as we will explore this new feature further as it becomes more widely available. We also welcome any thoughts or questions you may have related to this topic in the comments section below.

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