Apr 18 2016

Recapping Magento Imagine 2016

Phew! I survived Magento Imagine 2016. I’m not sure my body is quite back to normal, but I am back on the East Coast with tons of memories, new ideas, new contacts and a much thinner wallet.

Once again, Vegas did not disappoint. If you weren’t there, I hope you followed along on Twitter (#MagentoImagine). If digging through 2,791 tweets doesn’t fit into your schedule, here’s a rundown of the top 5 Imagine moments:

We Are Magento.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘We Are Magento.’ This was the first Imagine since Magento split from eBay Enterprise, and you could feel the energy from the executive team. At the opening keynote, Magento CEO Mark Lavelle talked transparently about the company’s history, as well as the changes that will come as part of it being a private company of its own.

Magento executives reminded attendees that it takes an ecosystem to make Magento successful. Since it is open-source, the platform has always relied heavily on its partners. This year Magento executives commended the entire ecosystem. Solutions partners, technology partners and developers around the world use Magento to create the best eCommerce solutions for thousands of merchants.

“The power of a platform is the ecosystem, and we are Magento” – Paul Boisivert, VP of Product, Magento

The vibe of that keynote set the tone for the show. No other conference brings together the developer and vendor community so well. To see the Magento community in action, you can follow #RealMagento on Twitter. There are some crazy devoted fans out there.

The Cloud is Coming!

Every year, people make new product announcements at Imagine. This year, the first big release was one that will likely make a big impact on merchants, solutions partners and technology partners (aka: everyone).

Many in the Magento community had been asking for this for years. Soon, the cloud offering will give merchants the option to host their store in the cloud via Amazon AWS. Throughout the conference it was stressed that this is simply an option, not a requirement. Cloud hosting will be beneficial to some, but not all, merchants.

Magento Enterprise Cloud will be offered starting on May 1, 2016, and only for M2 sites.  Right now we know that the pricing will be calculated by baseline traffic and total GMV (gross merchandise volume), but the exact pricing tiers will be announced in the coming weeks.

B2B Features in M2.1

If you read my Pre-imagine blog post, you might have seen a hint about a B2B announcement. Well, it was true. Magento announced several new features coming in the 2.1 release in Q2.

The B2B module will be an add-on to M2 and will come at a cost, although the price has not been announced. The features they showed are definitely ones that merchants have been asking for. For years, Blue Acorn has built custom B2B features to fit our client’s needs.

Launching in July, the module will include the following B2B functionality:

  • Company Accounts:create company groups and associate multiple buyers to each
  • Payment on Credit:offer status and balance to each company account
  • Custom Catalogs: assign different catalogs to different companies
  • Request for Quote: add products and quantities to cart and request a custom quote from the merchant
  • Requisition List: users can add products that remain on their list after purchase
  • Quick Reorder: users can quickly enter SKUs or upload .csv of products to reorder. Will be accessible in header instead of only in ‘My Account’

Most-Tweeted-About Session

Kevin Eichelberger, our founder and CEO, led a session called ‘A/B testing Strategies that Work’ on the last day of the conference. He went through 16 examples of tests our optimization team has run with incredible results.

The session was well attended; even better, it was the most tweeted-

most tweeted about session


Our Blue Acorn team had to check an additional bag with all of our new hardware! Ok well,maybe not a whole bag but we definitely had to make room in our luggage.

On Tuesday, Le Creuset beat out some hefty competition to win Best Web Design. Our creative director, Victor Bejar, joined Le Creuset on stage to accept the award.

(P.S.- this is by far one of my favorite Blue Acorn site to date. Check it out here.

On Wednesday, the accolades  continued. During the annual Partner Summit, Magento awarded Blue Acorn the Spirit of Excellence Award, an award that recognizes partners who have delivered exemplary service to Magento clients.



If you’ve been to Imagine in the past, or read my previous post, you know that emcee Jamie often steals the show. This year was no different! From scaring the front row with an ice pick to chest-bumping Magic Johnson, Jamie kept the energy high all week.

Lucky for me, I found him at the craps table minutes before I left for the airport. Talk about ending on a high note! Thanks for the selfie, Jamie.


See everyone next year! Imagine is back at the Wynn April 3-5, 2017.

Emily Wilhoit

Head of Business Development

As a Head of Business Development, Emily is responsible for managing key partnerships with our largest ecommerce platforms and technologies. When she's not traveling the country meeting with our partners and clients, she helps lead the Community Involvement Committee at Blue Acorn. Emily is the team foodie and loves to try new restaurants and cuisines. She's even endorsed for 'snacking' on LinkedIn.

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Jun 30 2016

Hi Emily, do you know if the B2B module is still planing on being released in July? Has it been pushed out? Also, has Magento provided any type of price for this module yet? Thanks for your help. Great blog post by the way.


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