Jun 22 2017

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Launches on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Largely driven by their values, cofounders Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams incorporate their passions into every aspect of their business. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, a home furnishings company headquartered in Taylorsville, North Carolina, has been perfecting the art of timeless design since 1989. The company’s American-made upholstery as well as table & storage, lighting, rugs, bed linens, artwork, and accessories are designed to help people live comfortable with style. An appreciation for quality is evident in their handcrafted pieces and human interaction takes priority, both internally and externally. From the in-store sales team members to the artisans crafting each product to its customers, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams values day-to-day conversations and interactions at every level.

For Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, our primary challenge was to go beyond the user experience and to push the boundaries of innovation on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, to design a human experience that exudes the company’s values. More than a standalone site, the redesigned ecommerce site would embrace the powerful brand directly influenced by its founders, empower each store with a sales tool, and help customers better understand the product.

Prior to selecting a partner to execute the company’s vision for their ecommerce site, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams paid a visit to each agency under evaluation. Likewise, Blue Acorn reciprocated with a similar approach before beginning the project. Our design process always includes a period of time dedicated to brand immersion, and we were able to take one of our deepest dives yet into learning about Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ company and culture.

They chose Blue Acorn because we were the best fit on a more personal level. The creative team visited their showroom in North Carolina and saw the craftsmen at work. Hours were spent conversing with Mitchell and Bob, learning about who they are, their passions, and how they value their customers and employees above all else. In the end, we combined our cultures to achieve a true collaborative vision and a common thread into all aspects of the new site.

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams have created a community amongst their employees, one that fosters inclusion and feels comfortable. For them, it was important to include the sales team, and others, in the redesign process. Departing from Blue Acorn’s traditional path, our Senior UI Designer Ruben Oviedo and other members of the creative team presented mock-ups of the new design directly to the sales team in the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom. Intended to become an improved tool to bolster in-store sales, the online store was presented as a means of merging the in-store and online experiences to gain buy-in.

With approval on the direction of the new design, our team began to focus on more technical components of the user experience. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams needed the site to function as an interactive catalogue to appeal to both designers and consumers. Conversations with customers and sales associates greatly influenced the addition of new features and helped determine functionality. Customers can, of course, order products online, or the product pages can be printed as spec sheets to bring in store or to be used as spec sheets, a feature incorporated to appeal to designers. The new site also offers customers a gift registry and improved store locator function.

Timeless design is often the result of incremental changes, through creating new iterations with each passing season to tweak the product just enough to keep it fresh yet still maintain a classic appeal. When creating a customer experience, day-to-day interactions should be a primary factor influencing the design and functionality. The easiest and most cost-effective means to source ideas for change is to always be listening to the people guiding and using your ecommerce site, whether that’s the customers, clients, agencies or consultants. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams continue to listen and respond to feedback from the many different people that take part in the customer journey and combine that feedback with their passion for timeless design, creating an innovative experience that exemplifies the company’s culture.

Bethany Kelley

After joining Blue Acorn's marketing team in 2014, Bethany jumped headfirst into the eCommerce world. Since then, she's focused on sharing Blue Acorn's achievements and client successes with the masses through social media, blogs, and press coverage.

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