May 22 2018

User Experience and Luxury Brands: Common UX Challenges

Historically, traditional luxury brands were reluctant to sell items online. There’s the fear of online retailers selling counterfeit products and the old-age myth that consumers will not buy luxury goods online. Luxury brands are driven by art, design, and exceptional customer experiences, something that is evident in their physical stores. In the new digital reality,… Read more »

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May 09 2018

Large Item Delivery: Signature Hardware, Mission Restaurant Supply, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

“Your item will be shipped within eight to twelve weeks…” is not what most shoppers want to hear after the excitement of purchasing a new piece of furniture or hardware for their home, but is the norm for many furniture and large-item companies. Delivery is a unique challenge for furniture and other large item industries,… Read more »

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Apr 16 2018

Going to Imagine 2018?

What do Jamie Foxx, the CEO of Magento, and Rocky the Squirrel all have in common? They’ll all be in Vegas next week for one of the most epic ecommerce events of the year! Magento Imagine is back at The Wynn Las Vegas April 22-25th and the Blue Acorn team is ready. This year, we’re… Read more »

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Apr 04 2018

Effective Email Segmentation Strategies for Ecommerce

The sure-shot way to create relevant emails is segmentation. This is because segmenting your list according to their activity enables you to discover groups of people who have similar interest levels. Segmented campaigns bring a 100.95% higher click rate than non-segmented ones. (Source: MailChimp) Understanding Segmentation and How to do it Segmentation is basically breaking… Read more »

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Dec 04 2017

Magento and Signifyd Build a Powerful Ecommerce Combination

With massive data breaches being announced seemingly every week, the threat of online fraud looms larger than ever for e-commerce merchants. But while the bad guys are upping their game with a new trove of stolen identities, the good guys aren’t standing pat. Leading e-commerce platform Magento, for instance, recently announced that Signifyd’s machine-learning fraud… Read more »

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