Aug 30 2012

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Customer Loyalty for eCommerce

Sweet Tooth is a Magento Platinum Industry Partner that gives eCommerce merchants and developers the tools to create unique, fun, and engaging points and rewards programs for Magento. We talked to Sweet Tooth’s Marketing Manager, Steve Deckert, to give our readers some more insight on the company and what they are doing to help merchants and developers succeed.

When was Sweet Tooth founded?

We started out in 2009 as a Magento custom development firm. Prior to this, some of our founders were involved in an eCommerce site that used Magento Beta. We’re not an old company, but we like to think this is an advantage because we don’t get held up in conventional paradigms and can think “outside the box.”

Why is the company called Sweet Tooth?

When we were thinking of names, we thought, “What are we trying to accomplish?”

After a few hours, we decided that we wanted to go beyond just incentivizing a purchase. We wanted our product to create a craving for a brand; much like having a “sweet tooth.” When you have a sweet tooth, you need to have chocolate, candy, or whatever it is you crave. Once you do, you feel satisfied and happy. Having customers crave a brand and feel satisfied and happy every time they engage with that brand is exactly what we wanted Sweet Tooth to accomplish for eCommerce merchants.

Sweet Tooth Improved Magento Shopping Cart

The shopping cart shows points being earned or spent on the catalog level and on the shopping cart level. The total points being spent/earned are shown in the cart totals block on the bottom right.


What drove your founders to create Sweet Tooth?

Before we were Sweet Tooth, we existed as a Magento custom development company. Back then, Magento didn’t have a loyalty program. Naturally, our clients, as well as the Magento community, couldn’t stop requesting one. We developed Sweet Tooth, brought it to the market, and it has been non-stop ever since!

Has the product changed since its inception?

The largest change we’ve made is moving to the “cloud.” Originally, a Sweet Tooth one-year license was available as a purchase of $999. Now, we have moved Sweet Tooth to the cloud as a SaaS offering that includes a “forever free” edition for smaller merchants. Paid packages start at only $49 per month. We decided to make these changes to make Sweet Tooth more affordable for smaller merchants; $49 per month is a lot easier on cash flow than $999 all at once!

What kind of feedback have you heard from your clients?

We don’t like to brag, so check out the review board for our module on Magento Connect. Our customers can do the bragging for us. Here’s an example from August 15th:

Sweet Tooth Customer Feedback

What are the most common questions that you hear?

“Can I name my points whatever I want?”

A lot of merchants think they will be giving their customers Sweet Tooth points. Sweet Tooth allows you to create a completely custom loyalty program. Want to give your customers “Awesome Points”? Sure! How about just “bucks” or “dollars”? No problem! We’ve designed Sweet Tooth to be a white label solution that can be customized to best fit in with your brand.

How have you grown over the past few years?

Just last month, we passed the 2,000 client mark. We’ve grown from a team of 5 to a team of over 30. Pretty good for only 2 years! Just this year, we secured $2.25 million in financing, so expect to see a lot more growth this year!

Sweet Tooth Configuration Within Magento

Sweet Tooth customers can change the way the core system works to suite their needs from the Magento Admin Panel.


What attracts Sweet Tooth to Magento?

The founders of the company have been involved with Magento since 2007. We were originally drawn to Magento’s feature set because it is so much better than some of the competition. What keeps us close to Magento is the community. Everyone is so open. Partners like Blue Acorn make a point of being open, friendly, and accessible. Events like Magento Imagine reinforce this so well!

What does an ideal client look like?

Basically any Magento merchant that cares about their customer experience! These merchants see the value in keeping their customers with them and not their competition. They also understand that a brand is an experience – not just a catalog of products and prices.

Sweet Tooth Shopping Cart Properties

With Sweet Tooth, you can create rules that award your customers points based on whether or not the customer’s cart matches a set of criteria you define, such as payment methods.


Who are your main competitors and what are you doing better than them?

There are several Magento modules available on Magento Connect that offer points and loyalty programs. There will always be extensions that are cheaper and less expensive than us – that’s just the nature of extension marketplaces. Most of these extension providers have dozens of extensions that all require their time. We only focus on Sweet Tooth to make it the best loyalty extension there is in every aspect: features, support, updates, compatibility, and customer love!

Some competitors have platforms that are extremely expensive to purchase and even more expensive to integrate into your site. They’re integration-hostile because they don’t easily fit into your eCommerce site. They take thousands of dollars and months to set up. We make your new loyalty initiative as easy on you as possible by making Magento integration virtually turn-key and including a free installation service for all our paid plans.

Where do you see Sweet Tooth in five years?

In five years, we see Sweet Tooth expanding into every aspect of customer loyalty, beyond points programs. We want to offer the most comprehensive solution to customer loyalty that exists not just for eCommerce, but for any customer touchpoint: online, mobile, instore…everywhere!

What are you most excited about for the future of Sweet Tooth?

Being able to understand the comprehensive path that customers take to purchase a product. Social is a huge push now, but “omnichannel” commerce will be the next big breakthrough. It is hard to understand exactly how your customers (new and prospective) experience your brand when then can do so over various touchpoints like mobile, online, instore, etc. Right now, retailers don’t have enough information on this, and collecting this information will be important to effectively retail. The great thing about a loyalty program is that it gives your customers a reason to identify themselves, which gives retailers actionable insights into a convoluted purchase path.

Sweet Tooth Customer Rewards Management Screen

Customers can visit a special page just to manage their points. On this page customers can see their total points pending approval, on hold or approved. In addition, customers can see where they’ve previously spent or earned their points. Customers can even send points to a friend or browse a random set of products they can use their points on.


Why are loyalty programs important for successful eCommerce?

Loyalty programs are great for retaining customers. A lot of merchants focus on acquiring customers through SEO, ads, conversion rates and email marketing campaigns, but don’t put enough effort into retaining or remarketing to their existing client base. They allow you to differentiate your store and products from your competitors in a way other than just price. Loyalty programs are also a great way to acquire high-value customers via customer referrals.

Do you have any really good success stories?

Absolutely. We recently did a case study with one of our merchants, Maggie’s Direct, who had some great statistics like a 372% increase in Facebook Likes and a 52% increase in conversion in just 6 months. You can read it here

Matthew Rickerby

Head of Marketing

Matt began his career in ecommerce at Blue Acorn over five years ago. His areas of expertise include persona development, account-based marketing, and content marketing. He has co-written speaking sessions for Bronto Summit, DIG South, GIANT, and Revolve, and received multiple awards for videography, blogging, and copywriting.

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Chris Hexton
Sep 04 2012

Loyalty programs have always been extremely successful in the world of offline retail. It makes sense that online retailers should harness the same principles to drive sales.

Sweet Tooth is an excellent product. Definitely worth setting up and it will pay for itself in mere days!


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