Mar 14 2016

Talking Optimization with Tamer Osman of Qubit

As vice president of Partnerships at Qubit, Tamer Osman is focused on building out the Solution and Technology partner program. Prior to joining Qubit in December of 2014, Tamer helped build startups and led partner programs for KPMG Consulting, Infosys, Tealeaf, IBM and Demandware. He holds an undergraduate and masters degree in Industrial Technology from Cal Poly. Tamer spent some time answering our questions about Qubit’s platform and why Qubit decided to partner with Blue Acorn.

What sets Qubit apart from other optimization platforms?

Qubit lives in a world where every brand wants to personalize its website, but, unfortunately, digital roadblocks often get in the way. The problem  might be a lack of resources or patchy technology. And there’s always the question of how to best prioritize initiatives.

Qubit addresses all these areas by merging data and experience. We’ve got the tools to understand the what and why of customer behavior as well as the power to effect change across all digital touchpoints, including web, mobile and email. We do more than optimization; we help retailers shape a customer’s entire digital journey with your brand.

What types of companies does Qubit typically partner with?

Qubit has established a global partnership program with leading solution and technology partners, which enables us to provide our clients with the most complete, scalable, and future-proof solution that also plays nicely with their existing investments.

Our solution partners consist of optimization services leaders across North America and abroad. Our technology partners are comprised of leading technology vendors that complement or extend our platform capabilities. Qubit partners with every major commerce platform technology and has built connectors to ensure quick integration with platforms like Demandware, Hybris, Magento and several others.  We also work with partners in the ESP, session replay/heat-mapping, chat, ratings/reviews, CRM, DMP, call tracking, BI and mobile solution categories, which can all integrate with the Qubit platform.

Why did you choose to partner with Blue Acorn?

What compelled us to partner with Blue Acorn is their strong cultural fit, their commitment to excellence, their strength in ecommerce, and their focus on being the leading provider of data-driven eCommerce and optimization services.  Since we’ve started to work together, our expectations have been more than exceeded.

Who is the ideal client for Blue Acorn and Qubit?

Our ideal client is a brand or retailer that is looking to scale its eCommerce business beyond traditional testing and personalization. Qubit’s sophisticated experience management platform provides Blue Acorn’s expert optimization team with the very best in behavioral analytics, testing/personalization execution and data reporting, allowing us to help our customers solve the most complex challenges. Our customers find that working with Qubit and Blue Acorn leads to an improved shopping experience for their customers and increased revenues for them.

If an online retailer has been testing for a while, how can Qubit and Blue Acorn improve the experience?

Retailers should remember that testing isn’t the end goal. If you’ve been testing for a while, it’s time to starting thinking about your wider digital experience strategy. You can continue to iterate on small changes to your UX, but you should be looking to use what you’ve learned about your customers to focus on making large improvements to the entire customer experience. Then you can use testing to evaluate your results against the desired outcome.

What first steps would you take with such a retailer?

The first step is to get the data foundations in place. True insight into the customer experience starts with a deep understanding of customer behavior on the site. We’ll identify segments of users with the potential to be even more valuable and come up with creative ways to influence their behavior through digital channels.

If someone wants to learn more about Qubit and Blue Acorn, where should they go?

That’s easy. Right here.

Blue Acorn

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Andrew D
Mar 14 2016

Interesting take on optimization. I do agree that your first tactic must be research and figuring out your client tell, the experience of your target audience. Thank you for this share, definitely an interesting read!


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