Apr 20 2012

Blue Acorn Announces New Company Website

Today, we are very excited to announce the relaunch of our new company website! This isn’t just a refresh. The navigation, animations, and every page are all new. It’s a better representation of who we are as a company, what we can do for our clients, and gives recognition to some of our more recent clients and those who have trusted us with their eCommerce sites for years.

This new site isn’t the company we are going to be. It’s the company we have already become.

When I joined Blue Acorn last year, I was beyond impressed by the work that was taking place within the bright blue and warm white walls of their new offices. It was so much more than I imagined it to be, mainly because the company website left me with little certainty of what Blue Acorn actually did. Why doesn’t the website reflect the type of awesomeness that’s going on here? was the question that immediately came to mind, so I asked our Founder & CEO, Kevin Eichelberger.

“We’ve been too busy working on our clients’ sites,” replied Kevin. “Of course we’ve wanted to update our own site, but putting our clients first is what will give us the best chance to succeed.”

In the past few months, we’ve added a third agile scrum team and have made some time for ourselves. The result is a new company website that accurately reflects who we are: creative, fun, certified, and capable of offering a comprehensive set of eCommerce services that drives growth for online retailers and brands.

What We Can Do For Our Clients

We love designing and developing eCommerce sites, but our founding members also believe that simply building a stellar site is only a piece of a much bigger puzzle for eCommerce success, which is why our new company site is architected according to our Build – Attract – Optimize method of operation.

Our new Sim Cityesque homepage is intended to illustrate how eCommerce sites – like cities – grow and mature over time with the right approach. Both need to start off by architecting, designing, and developing a well-though-out infrastructure. After you build it, the next step is to get people to come visit. Once people come to visit, the next step is to optimize their experience so that visitors become residents – or in our clients’ cases – customers.

It’s more than just a new navigation hierarchy for our new site, it’s a philosophy that reflects how we look at what we deliver to our clients. We prefer to think of them as partners. We’re always happy to build a site for a client, but again, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. Our next natural inclination is to want to attract qualified traffic to that site, and we’ve developed six key service offerings to do that: organic SEO, PPC, data feed marketing, affiliate marketing, social commerce, and email marketing. Once our clients’ site has traffic flowing to it, we want to take things a step further by optimizing it to provide the best user experience possible. It’s what the site visitors want, which is what our clients want, and it makes us happy too. Through experience, we believe that this Build – Attract – Optimize approach is truly a win-win-win for all.

Our Clients Page

We are very proud of the clients we work with today. This growing list of retailers and brands is a testament to the quality of our work and our ability to maintain great relationships with our clients. Together they represent the comprehensive set of services that we offer. Some of them have been with us for years, and some of them are relatively recent. We can’t show you everything just yet, and we are excited about the unveilings that will be happening on this page in the near future.

We Practice What We Preach

Our Build – Attract – Optimize philosophy doesn’t just apply to our clients. We are taking the same approach with our own site. The initial build process might be complete, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with it. We’ve already begun the process of optimizing it for further enhancements over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Blue Acorn

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