Jun 25 2015
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Blue Acorn Launches Responsive Site for Everlast

If you’ve tuned into a boxing match in the past century, you’ve probably seen the Everlast name written across the shorts and gloves of history’s most famous boxers. What you may not know is that the strength of the Everlast brand has always been it’s ability to adapt to customer demands. Were it not for this adaptability, Everlast might not even be making boxing gear.

In 1910, seventeen-year-old Jacob Golomb founded Everlast as a swimwear manufacturer. Everlast’s foray into boxing didn’t come until up and comer Jack Dempsey asked Golomb to create protective headgear that would last more than fifteen rounds of intensive boxing training. Golomb designed the headgear and other equipment for Dempsey. Two years later, in 1919, Dempsey was wearing Everlast boxing gloves when he won the world’s heavyweight championship.

While the Everlast brand has been a leading name in boxing gear and equipment for almost a century, the company has continued to evolve their product offerings in response to a growing marketplace. With offerings like a full line of mixed martial arts (MMA) gear and general equipment for fitness enthusiasts, Everlast has a long history of listening to their consumers’ requests and responding to industry trends. When customers demanded products with features like extra cushion and temperature control that were made with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial materials, Everlast responded by introducing EverGel, EverCool, EverDri, and EverFresh.

Everlast Glove

Many new brands dream of eventually becoming a household name, but tenured and well-known brands face their own challenges. An established brand presence makes it difficult to adapt to a changing marketplace and to adopt new technologies. Despite those challenges, Everlast has remained innovative as consumer demands and trends evolve. In the past ten years, one of the most serious consumer demands has been for an online commerce experience that easily translates from desktop to mobile.

“Fight sports and fitness, much like eCommerce, are constantly evolving: new routines, new techniques, more data, and better technology,” said Mike Ebert, E-Commerce Director of Everlast Worldwide. “We knew we needed a partner that could help us effectively manage this constant evolution while producing an immersive brand experience on a platform built for scale. Blue Acorn’s data-driven approach to design and development provided a brand experience that represents the authenticity and heritage of Everlast, but ensured the user experience would be engaging and intuitive.”

After experiencing difficulties on their previous eCommerce platform, Everlast identified an opportunity to refresh their experience with a new Magento Enterprise Edition website. The new site is an exercise in simplicity, prominent product photos and intuitive navigation proudly display the brand.

Blue Acorn developed several custom functionalities for Everlast customers. When the right fit means the difference between winning the round and getting knocked down, Everlast customers like to know everything about their products before they make a purchase. Blue Acorn created a custom secondary navigation bar on product pages that allows users to fly through the abundance of product information like descriptions, features, Q&A, videos, and reviews. The navigation bar also contains an add-to-cart button, giving users the opportunity to add the product to their cart whenever the urge to buy strikes.

On the category page, online shoppers can preview the product via a thumbnail, which Blue Acorn accomplished by integrating photos instead of HEX codes.

Magento’s open-source capabilities are amplified by leveraging solutions from its ecosystem of technology partners. With Blue Acorn’s guidance, Everlast selected best-of-breed technologies to enhance the new site. Blue Acorn facilitated the migration of Everlast’s hosting infrastructure to Rackspace, providing the site with faster page load times and improved stability. The new site integrates with enterprise-level email service provider Bronto. Additionally, Blue Acorn added modules for a live chat functionality (LiveHelpNow) and a social reel on the homepage featuring #Everlast (Candid).

To experience the eCommerce site first hand, visit www.everlast.com, and check out the site tour video below.

Bethany Kelley

After joining Blue Acorn's marketing team in 2014, Bethany jumped headfirst into the eCommerce world. Since then, she's focused on sharing Blue Acorn's achievements and client successes with the masses through social media, blogs, and press coverage.

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