Jan 26 2010

3 Ways to Use Your Facebook Fan Base for Marketing Research

One of the big, obvious differences between eCommerce enterprises and traditional bricks and mortar set-ups is this: the bricks & mortar shops can “see” their customers, talk to them, and develop a stronger profile on them. Sure, if you’re an eCommerce company with strong analytics, you can analyze keywords, bounce rates, referring links, etc. But… Read more »

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Jan 06 2010

War, the Long Tail SKU Search Domination

For mortal ecommerce merchants involved in search marketing- on a budget- this means adroitly picking the right search terms and channels to market your wares and then fully vesting them to ensure their don’t just appear in those search results but appear, appear and reappear yet again not only across multiple SKUs but again and again for a single SKU. Don’t just show up for the first page search results party. Own it.

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Oct 14 2009

Preparing for the Holiday Rush

For consumers, the passing of Labor Day signals the transition from swimsuits to sweaters. But for e-tailers, it marks the ramp-up for the biggest online shopping season of the year: the Christmas frenzy. The gap between web and brick-and-mortar purchases continues to shrink, most notably during the holidays. To help you get the maximum traffic—and,… Read more »

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