Jun 16 2016
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Webinar Recap: Driving Conversions and Revenue Through A/B Testing

In conversion optimization, two things hold true: There are no silver bullets, and there can be no significance without solid traffic. Every ecommerce business has its own set of unique goals and challenges, therefore no tactic or strategy is one-size-fits-all. When developing test ideas for an optimization program, not only do you need a custom… Read more »

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Apr 28 2016

Legacy Code, CMOs and Dysentery: Risk Management for eCom Optimization

(Author’s note: this blog employs a silly, hackneyed metaphor in an effort to hold your attention. Proceed with caution and please direct any hostile feedback to our biz dev guy (scott.plumb@blueacorn.com). Trust me, he deserves it.) There aren’t that many cultural touchstones that fall squarely into the “if you’ve never experienced this, we probably wouldn’t… Read more »

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Mar 31 2016
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How to Invest in Optimization

Developing an optimization strategy requires more work than making room in the budget for an optimization tool. Still, you rarely hear tales of remorse from those that have gone down the path of optimization. Your goals and your traffic will determine how extensive your program should be. With that information, you’ll be able to decide… Read more »

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Mar 14 2016

Talking Optimization with Tamer Osman of Qubit

As vice president of Partnerships at Qubit, Tamer Osman is focused on building out the Solution and Technology partner program. Prior to joining Qubit in December of 2014, Tamer helped build startups and led partner programs for KPMG Consulting, Infosys, Tealeaf, IBM and Demandware. He holds an undergraduate and masters degree in Industrial Technology from Cal… Read more »

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