Jul 08 2015

Introducing Blue Acorn’s Fantasy Testing League

Since Blue Acorn is known for having fun (and sometimes being competitive), the Optimization Team created a company-wide version of whichtestwon.com, combining A/B testing with a fantasy sports-esque gamification model. We’re calling it Blue Acorn’s “Fantasy Testing League.”

The League engages the entire Blue Acorn team by collectively enhancing our understanding of the websites we design and how different features affect different user groups. Like other fantasy sports, the league is broken down into seasons, giving everyone multiple chances to vote, with the most correct votes taking home the figurative gold trophy.

We’ve kept the format simple – every time the Blue Acorn Optimization Team launches an A/B test on a client’s site, the data is sent to the Fantasy Testing League website. Users can see every active A/B test and vote on the variation they believe will win in the live test scenario. Successful users consider dozens of different criteria, such as the site-specific customer base and their behavior, the site-specific issues and advantages, and test KPIs. After voting and the test are complete, the site reveals the winning variation of the live test, allowing players to understand user behavior in a real setting. With a paid day off on the line for whomever wins each season, the company-wide smack talk is heating up!

In addition to promoting camaraderie, the league acts as an interactive knowledge base for user behavior and how site changes can affect user experience. It also helps everyone at Blue Acorn embrace the optimization and testing culture. By adding an interactive aspect to testing, Blue Acorn employees test their ability to understand, think, and vote like a demographic that differs from their own. Understanding demographics and psychographics aid our team in creating custom A/B tests and sites that increase conversion rates and overall usability.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blue Acorn’s Fantasy Testing League or you want to know more about working here, contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself.

Erin McElwee

Before Erin's career at Blue Acorn, she worked as a data analyst and digital marketing analyst, specializing in eCommerce. Since joining Blue Acorn, Erin has taken on the role of a Conversion Consultant, concentrating on eCommerce optimization through the use site testing. As a Conversion Consultant, her professional interests and goals revolve around data-driven decisions and measurable results, which she passes on to her clients in the form of customized, efficient tests.

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