Dec 19 2011

Plundor Brings Significant Value to the Magento Extension Community


Throughout time, the Dutch have provided us with numerous innovations: the microscope, the telescope, submarines, 4WD, and the compact disc. Now, they have a new contribution specifically for the Magento development community, Plundor. The creation of Dutchmen Guido Jansen and Sander Schoneville, Plundor serves a marketing program for Magento extension builders, generating a lot of publicity by giving Magento developers the chance to purchase their extension as part of a “bundle” of complementary Magento extensions at a hefty discount.

For Magento developers, the deals will be quite substantial. Each bundle will feature approximately 6-8 extensions with a commercial value of $600-1,200 and will be sold for under $150. Plundor will only be selling one bundle at a time, which will be available for two weeks, and they aim to offer 4-6 bundles per year.

For Magento extension builders, Plundor seeks to provide an equally valuable amount of marketing exposure. While extension builders will get paid each time a bundle that features their extension gets sold – even if their extension is not used – Plundor should be viewed more as a marketing tool, rather than a substantial revenue stream, as is the case with vendors that participate in similar online deal programs. In addition to gaining exposure from Plundor’s site, email campaigns and media partners, extension builders will also gain access to the email addresses of everyone who purchases the bundle. This is beneficial to both the customer and the extension builder because after the bundle is sold, the extension builder will become primary contact for the customer.

If you haven’t heard of Guido Jansen, you should look into him. He’s quite impressive. We recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions regarding Plundor in preparation for tomorrow’s public launch:

  • What is your background in Magento and what inspired the creation of Plundor?

    I’ve been working with Magento since July 2008. I was previously working a lot with the Joomla CMS system as a freelancer while finishing my studies in Applied Cognitive Psychology. Just like I did previously with Joomla, I started creating an online community,, organizing events, and working with many first-time users of Magento in The Netherlands as a business consultant.

    The business model for Plundor isn’t unique. You can find several successful businesses with a similar idea, but no one had applied it to the Magento community. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce it.

  • Are there any important trends you have noticed in the Magento development community, especially among extension developers?

    Generally speaking, we’ve seen the quality of extension development companies and commercial extensions rising to a level where they can be used for much larger projects. Most recently, extension developers are now able to create extensions that work with Magento Go and receive the appropriate certification from Magento. Looking ahead, another big thing to expect is extensions that take advantage of the X.Commerce Fabric, but that is still in a very early stage.

  • What do you see as the biggest opportunities for Magento and its developer community moving forward?

    X.commerce and the driving force it will become for clicks & bricks retailers.

  • When choosing extensions, what type of selection criteria will you look at beyond developers’ willingness to offer their extension at a significant discount?

    We look at several pieces of criteria. The most important two, I think, are the usefulness of the extension – will it help a lot of developers or just a specific group?) and the maturity of the company – its other extensions and ability to provide support.

If you are interested in promoting your own extension in one of their bundles, you will need to fill out their Business Application Form. If you’d like to be an official Media Partner like Blue Acorn (and who wouldn’t want to be like us?), you will need to fill out their Media Partner Application Form. As a Media Partner, you will also be able to take part in Plundor’s Affiliate Program, where you will receive $10 for every sale you send their way. Stay tuned to our Magento blog for advanced notice of the latest Plundor bundles. The first one is available, starting…now!

Blue Acorn


Guido Jansen
Dec 19 2011

Thanks a lot for the nice words Justin! Feel flattered 🙂

Activo Extensions
Dec 21 2011

Very interesting concept. We are definitely interested. Look out for more focused extensions around a particular Magento area (SEO, Admin, Integration, etc.) that we are planning to launch early 2012!

Thanks for the info.

Mar 11 2012

Thanks for sharing this Justin, this is definitely a great idea. This should create a new opportunity to promote our great magento extensions. Cheers


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