Jun 28 2012

Blue Acorn Launches Apera Sports Bags

Apera Sports BagsEvery working professional who likes to stay fit needs a bag like this. At Blue Acorn, we don’t keep normal office hours, which means those of us who work out usually do so at some pretty random times. Unfortunately, almost any workout that takes place before our workday is over means gym bags…bags that smell like week-old, putrefied zebra carcasses that have been baking in the Serengeti sun…the same bags that carry the clothes we will be putting on to go back to work. That’s why when Apera came to us with their antimicrobial sports bags, we were pretty stoked. The bags feature ventilated compartments, wipeable linings, and washable inserts that keep the bag clean, odor-free, and most importantly, healthy.

Apera MissionWith the launch of Apera’s site, you’ll all be able to get your hands on one (or more) of the most advanced sport bags available to civilians. Check out the site and pay attention to their story. When Apera came to Blue Acorn to have a Magento Enterprise Edition site custom designed and developed to their specifications, we both agreed that telling their incredible story through the site would be a great way to establish what drives them and draw attention to their cause, The Special Olympics. We decided on three things the public needs to know about Apera:

  1. their incredibly health-conscious approach
  2. their focus on building the perfect product for the social-athlete
  3. their dedication to helping all athletes through their compassionate philanthropic effort with the Special Olympics

Apera Home ScreenMost important to Apera is that the site presents the new brand to the public exactly how they want it to be portrayed, that it helps their business to grow, and above all, that it works flawlessly. With these considerations in mind, the team at Blue Acorn designed and developed a Magento site in the same vein as Apera designs their bags – clean and functional. Custom product pages feature every type of media you can think of to learn about or share each product, from 360-degree views to videos to social media interaction buttons. All of the features are there, but nothing looks crowded. That’s because all of these options elegantly slide up into the very menu bar where users select how they would like to learn more about the product. An integration with Netsuite will help AperaCustom Magento Product Page for Apera manage their growth as they begin to dig into more of the extensive native functionality that Magento EE has to offer.

“Blue Acorn did a wonderful job of bringing it all together, starting from zero, and making sure that we had the right plan from the beginning,” recalls Apera CEO, Andy Youngs. “Everybody was on the same page as far as what were our goals, objectives, and – ultimately – the collective task of executing those goals and objectives. It can be difficult for a lot of people tasked with building a new site. You start off thinking you know what you want, and then once you get into it, it’s totally different at the end because it’s such an evolutionary process. I think Blue Acorn did a nice job of keeping us on track and vetting out exactly what we wanted from the beginning, so that as we went through the process, there weren’t a ton of changes.”

Go ahead and check out the new Apera site for yourself. Maybe even get yourself a bag. If you’re like us, we know you need one. For photos of the Blue Acorn Apera Launch Party, you can visit our Facebook page here.

Blue Acorn

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