Sep 13 2012

Blue Acorn Launches Stio

Stio eCommerce Site

The outdoors, no matter how beautiful, can be harsh. Stio, a new apparel company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, provides apparel that allows you to enjoy nature without subjecting you to its more unpleasant elements. Additionally, not only does Stio clothing protect you, but it allows you to experience nature in style (just in case you run into the opposite sex on one of your outdoor adventures).

All of the elements of a successful new brand and multi-channel retailer were in place. Stio’s inventory had arrived, their catalogs were sent out, and their marketing campaigns, which had been planned for months, had already launched. It was absolutely critical that their new site be ready for the orders to pour in, so we made sure that it was. What else did you expect?

Stio Category Page

Stio chose Blue Acorn for our Magento expertise, knowing that if they wanted a site on Magento, they needed to hire a company that had a history of building incredibly reliable sites on the platform. As always, Blue Acorn delivered, giving Stio not only a site that worked, but one they could continue to work with.

During the development process, Blue Acorn provided Magento insight and gave Stio the tools they needed to manage their own site, including CMS pages that they could customize with new images and copy. We also integrated Listrak into the Magento code, which we estimate could increase the value of their email campaigns by as much as 25%.

Stio Hometown Down Jacket Product Page

One of the highlights of working with Stio was the product page. One of Stio’s main goals was to give online customers the in-store experience. Blue Acorn built a custom color swatch tool with CSS that allows customers to get a better feel for how the product will look. Future plans with Stio’s new eCommerce site include a strategy to further develop these pages for an even greater user experience, one that rivals the product pages of Apera Bags and Reed & Barton.

Communicating the quality of Stio’s products will drive sales and allow them to create even cooler products. Sending that message means showcasing the products on an in-depth product page – something Blue Acorn has begun building and will continue to improve in the near future.

Check out Stio’s new client page for a quick video tour of their new site. We’ll update this page with key performance metrics as they become established in the coming months. In the meantime, start planning your next well-equipped adventure!

Matthew Rickerby

Head of Marketing

Matt began his career in ecommerce at Blue Acorn over five years ago. His areas of expertise include persona development, account-based marketing, and content marketing. He has co-written speaking sessions for Bronto Summit, DIG South, GIANT, and Revolve, and received multiple awards for videography, blogging, and copywriting.

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