Sep 19 2014

Blue Acorn Opens New Headquarters

Just a short time ago, Blue Acorn moved into a brand new 12,000 square foot facility. Not only did we double our office space, but we gained a more open, more communication-friendly environment. Our board room doubled in size, we added a creative room for those critical UX projects that demand solitude and extra attention, and we created four equal-sized pods– one for each of our four agile teams– and we placed them around DevOps and our Optimization team. The new floor plan resembles our philosophy: make agile decisions around data.

Sales and Marketing is now located just past the functional managers offices, and above the full kitchen and lounge area. Sales Executives and Solution Specialists have no trouble meeting with functional managers, who help scope out new projects. Few eCommerce agencies build as accurate and thorough a solution during the sales process as Blue Acorn, and the close proximity of the sales staff to these department heads amplifies that unique offering.

The new space provides more than pure efficiency though. Blue Acorn wants to have the absolute best office culture in Charleston. Our outdoor lounge area, nestled underneath a rooftop garden, has plenty of seating so employees can take it easy in the shade. There’s also a dart board and an Xbox in the lounge, and plenty of space outside for games.

Even as we continue to grow, it’s important to hold on to the little things that make you different. That’s why we brought along our kegerator from the old office. We also added a drink fridge for those non-alcoholic beverages (and some wine of course).

In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve developed an innovative design process, reworked our entire project management system, and thrown one hell of a party. Not to mention, we’ve built several new enterprise sites for our clients. Our new office fuels communication and makes our employees happy. It’s no wonder we’ve been able to innovate so well.

If you’d like to see a few pictures of the office, you can check out the Blue Acorn Facebook page.

Matthew Rickerby

Head of Marketing

Matt began his career in ecommerce at Blue Acorn over five years ago. His areas of expertise include persona development, account-based marketing, and content marketing. He has co-written speaking sessions for Bronto Summit, DIG South, GIANT, and Revolve, and received multiple awards for videography, blogging, and copywriting.

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