industry - home goods

Casper is an ecommerce company that sells mattresses, sheets, pillows, and even dog beds. The company provides a 100-day in-home trial and a 10-year warranty for their mattresses. Their “bed-in-a-box” was designed by former IDEO inventors and is made from a combination of memory and latex foams with the goal of becoming the first end-to-end sleep brand.

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Casper’s limited resources in the optimization field meant that they struggled with optimizing their site. The VP would work alone on testing ideas, the developers would feel slightly out of their element, and everyone would hit roadblock after roadblock. After seeing the results Blue Acorn was able to provide for clients like Ticketmaster and learning that over 51% of our tests reach statistical significance, Casper chose to work with Blue Acorn to develop a more powerful optimization program and create testing themes around the most impactful areas for improvement and strategies for the future.


Blue Acorn began by examining available market research data, a technical audit, a UX audit, site analytics, user testing, usability research, and test history. We found that the usability and site experience of Casper was very clean compared to most of our eCommerce clients, so we focused on the consideration cycle, off-site influences, the competitive landscape, content strategy, and analytics opportunities. Casper received theming ideas that aim to increase their market share in a growing online market, improve performance of competitive campaigns, and allow them to continue to disrupt brick & mortar.


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  • Optimizely for experimentation
  • Google Analytics for in-depth analytics reporting
  • for user testing and analysis