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From $89.9 million in sales in 2013 to $468.9 million in 2015, Yeti has seen massive growth over the past several years. Currently sold in outlets like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, West Marine and REI, Yeti is one of the largest brands to emerge out of Texas in the past decade.

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The Yeti site receives roughly 1500 orders per day, and during the holidays it’s more like 7500. Uptime is money, and lackluster support and poor communication from an overseas team were negatively affecting their ability to add new value for online shoppers and react to issues affecting the shopping funnel. For example, it took six months to get address validation working correctly. In 2016, Yeti began looking to establish a relationship with an ecommerce partner that was nimble in their process and able to adapt to Yeti’s culture. In addition to quality, speed, cost considerations, they looked for a partner who would be bought into YETI’s success.


Blue Acorn supplied over 100 hours per week from developers, along with strategic planning. The Yeti team promised ‘skeletons in the closet’ during an audit, and they delivered. In addition to investigating and remediating errors, the Blue Acorn team added additional marketing areas on the homepage, engineered a Holiday Gift Guide, added Product Registration to the Magento Admin for customer service, fixed the old partner’s javascript, reworked “get it” and the add-to-cart experience, remediated analytics, implemented a mini-cart, customized domestic expedited shipping options, and integrated, Narvar, and Pitney Bowes. That was all in the first four months.


There’s no reason to hire us to reinvent the wheel. Our partners make it possible for you to access features and functionality that would otherwise cost you more than a private jet.

  • Magento Enterprise Edition as their ecommerce platform