Jun 11 2018

Luxury Experts Give Their UX Insights: “It’s all about rolling out the red carpet”

How are luxury brands and retailers breaking the online barrier and creating exceptional user experiences for their shoppers? We’ve asked luxury industries experts for the answers and to provide their insights on engaging with luxury shoppers, creating lifetime value, and optimizing the ecommerce experience. How do you balance emphasis between branded content and an experience… Read more »

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May 22 2018

User Experience and Luxury Brands: Common UX Challenges

Historically, traditional luxury brands were reluctant to sell items online. There’s the fear of online retailers selling counterfeit products and the old-age myth that consumers will not buy luxury goods online. Luxury brands are driven by art, design, and exceptional customer experiences, something that is evident in their physical stores. In the new digital reality,… Read more »

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May 09 2018

Large Item Delivery: Signature Hardware, Mission Restaurant Supply, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

“Your item will be shipped within eight to twelve weeks…” is not what most shoppers want to hear after the excitement of purchasing a new piece of furniture or hardware for their home, but is the norm for many furniture and large-item companies. Delivery is a unique challenge for furniture and other large item industries,… Read more »

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