Apr 01 2016
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April Fool’s Day Is No Joke For Ecommerce Brands

Beyond optimization tactics and amazing designs, one of the most effective ways to drive customers to buy from an ecommerce site is through marketing campaigns. From personalized emails to connecting social media posts with a specific holiday, brands can enter organic conversations that their customers are already having. Not surprisingly one particular holiday truly brings out the creativity from ecommerce brands, April Fool’s.

On the other side of the story, there are also brands that have apparently banded together to be part of the same no-joke campaign, where many of them use subject lines such as not a joke or no joke, and offer a small discount on their products. What are your thoughts on April Fool’s Day promotions? If you have a favorite, tell us in the comments.

Below are examples of the creative campaigns various ecommerce brands created for this year’s April Fool’s.

Nationwide Restriction on Homebrewing: Northern Brewer

Northern Brewer April Fools

Today the federal government announced that homebrewers will now be restricted to brewing only a single gallon of beer per household. As a result, Northern Brewer is fighting the law by offering a special 20 percent discount on all five-gallon recipe kits.

Just Kidding: Loft

Loft April Fools

The Loft has one of the more creative campaigns, as it features a gif and simple subject line of JK. At first you simply see a zero percent off image, but then a five slides in to make it 50. Not only is the brand offering a discount, but the design looks great too.

Free Joke With Any Purchase: BIRCHBOX

BIRCHBOX April Fools

BIRCHBOX knows how to tell a joke. By throwing the joke in the subject line, the brand  followed up with a gif punchline. The company’s promotion features a free joke with every product purchased on its site, but for today only. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing BIRCHBOX had  already run out of jokes.

Broden by Boden: Boden

Broden April Fools

For April Fool’s Day, Boden New British launched an entirely new product line, Broden. For the man who wants to feel and look like a boss, this is the style for you. Their landing page goes to a fake 404 style oops error and gives customers 20 percent off.

Turn That Frown Upside Down: Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines April Fools

Vineyard Vines’ iconic logo features the iconic smiling whale, but this morning he was having a rough go of it. The brand’s email marketing team added a simple subject line and adjusted their logo for this simple awareness email.

Office Supply Pranks – Office Depot

Office Depot April Fools

Office Depot decided to take a more subtle approach with its April Fool’s campaign. With a simple and direct subject line, We’re Not Foolin’ Around ➟ OPEN NOW, and a discount on supplies, the retailer also created a landing page that features ways some of its supplies can be used for office pranks.

You’re Nobody’s Fool: Old Navy

Old Navy April Fools

In a slightly more confusing approach, Old Navy is offering 41 (representing 4/1/2016) percent off your first item, and then 30 percent off all additional items in your order. Tie that into its landing page that states up to 50 percent off, and the customer is going to certainly be left a fool.

The Party Pooper: FootSmart

FootSmart April Fools

Not all brands are into the idea of April Fool’s Day. FootSmart decided to skip all the fun, add a promo code of NO JOKE to the campaign, and offered $15 off and free shipping.

Valyrian Steel, Mithril, and Vibranium Parts Available: Xometry

Xometry April Fools

With the rise in popularity of films based on Marvel and DC comics, Xometry will make fantasy into reality. Xometry already creates custom parts from a series of different materials, so why not add some aftermarket auto parts to your SUV using the same indestructible material as Captain America uses?

Boost Open Rates With Drones: DotMailer

dotmailer drone april fools
Even some of the largest brands such as Google get into the April Fool’s Day spirit. Our partner, DotMailer, launched a fun campaign that highlighted a new drone delivery service. Even if your emails bounce, now through the use of the company’s drones, you can track down your intended recipient and deliver a physical letter.

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