Dec 02 2016
Black Friday Results

Black Friday By The Numbers [Infographic]

The week of Black Friday this year exceeded expectations for retailers, specifically on the ecommerce side. Between the largest sources of holiday traffic and analysis, all unanimously agreed that in-store sales saw  noticeable declines, whereas online sales hit new records.

According to our research, overall key performance indicators enjoyed a positive increase with one exception: The average order volume (AOV) saw a minor decline; however, we attribute this to stronger deals combined with the normalization of free shipping. Next year, we’ll likely see AOV level out more as retailers continue to embrace free shipping and free return shipping.

“It is great to see that traffic numbers have increased dramatically year-over-year,” said Samantha Previte, Blue Acorn Data Scientist who led this research project. “From an anecdotal standpoint, I noticed not just more marketing leading up to Black Friday, but the span of marketing also lengthened. Black Friday has become somewhat of a discount arms race, so some sites are coining their sales Black November instead of Black Friday in an attempt to offer users more of an opportunity to make purchases and potentially decrease the stress on their backend and servers.”



Data from the infographic was compiled using an aggregate of 27 retailer’s’ year-over-year ecommerce data. Additional information was compiled through a survey completed by more than 1000 consumers.

Elliot Volkman

Digital Marketing Manager

Elliot is Blue Acorn's Digital Marketing Manager. He hold a master's degree in communication from Gonzaga, and has several awards for journalism and digital marketing. In his spare time he is a long-distance runner and triathlete.

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