Apr 03 2017

Blue Acorn Partners with Beringer Capital

It was 2008, and the divide between my work and my passion was growing. By day, I consulted and implemented CRM for enterprises across the southeast. By night, I was selling wares online, a business I had started several years prior. While I enjoyed both, I found myself yearning to spend more time learning the ins and outs of online retail. Eventually, my passion for eCommerce couldn’t be ignored, and I couldn’t live that life part-time anymore. I wanted to be all in.

I took a gamble that ended up shaping my life for the next century: I quit my job and started Blue Acorn; I went all in on eCommerce. Nine years later, I never would have imagined that the company I started would become what it is today – an exceptional team of people working with household-name brands. My mission to build a company that would help other organizations sell more products online surpassed my wildest expectations.

Recently, I came to the realization that our mission and vision needed to evolve. They were created nine years ago and should be forward-looking guides for our business. A lot has changed in retail, consumer behavior, and commerce, whether that be between businesses and consumers or businesses with other businesses. Nine years ago, the transformation we saw meant more people shopping online, which led to opportunities for us to help our clients with their eCommerce websites. We’ve done an incredible job at delivering results for our clients. As we look to the future, it’s our view that creating and optimizing eCommerce websites alone isn’t going to be enough help our clients solve the challenges ahead. The customer journey through commerce is exponentially more complex and is influenced by many touchpoints and channels.

Blue Acorn finds itself in a similar position that we were in nine years ago: rapidly evolving purchasing behavior is driving change in the marketplace and a void of organizations prepared to help businesses with those changes. That opportunity is the basis for why we’re partnering with Beringer Capital. Beringer Capital is a Private Equity Group out of Toronto and New York City that invests in growth opportunities with strong companies built around great people and a thesis around a market opportunity. It is our intention that together, we will build a digital commerce UX agency to help B2B and B2C brands facilitate digital transformation around the changing needs of commerce. Blue Acorn will be the foundation for that growth, and we will take what we have and double-down on the depth and breadth of our capabilities.

It would not be without the support of our team, our families, our partners, and our community that we would be in this position, and I’m grateful for everyone who has contributed to our success. Blue Acorn is ready to climb the next mountain, and together with our new business partners, we’re well prepared to tackle the challenges ahead. I have the fortunate opportunity to continue serving as our CEO, and I’m just as excited about the journey ahead as I was when I set out on a new journey on my own nine years ago. This time, however, I begin this journey with a great team, a roster of amazing clients, and a group of incredible partners.

For more information, read the press release here.

Kevin Eichelberger

Founder & CEO

Founded in 2008, Blue Acorn is the product of Kevin’s great passion and knowledge of all things eCommerce. Kevin’s data-driven approach has culminated in a strong, growing business that’s success is closely tied to the success of its clients. When he’s not immersing himself in eCommerce, Kevin works toward expanding Charleston’s tech community by serving as a board member for the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation, and is also a mentor and advisor to several startups. A business-savvy technologist, you can find Kevin evangelizing about data, optimization and eCommerce.

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Sridhar Murthy
Apr 03 2017

Congrats Kevin. Great step. Wish you all success.


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