Sep 02 2016
Magento Analytics Holiday Dashboard

Magento Analytics Launches Holiday Dashboard

This week, Magento announced a new tool, Holiday Dashboard, designed to turn ecommerce brands’ data into impactful campaigns and promotions for the holidays. According to the company, 39% of holiday shoppers make a second purchase within the same holiday season, and nearly 24% of all revenue for a company is typically brought in during this time. Between increased traffic, the need for segmentation, and easy access to analytics reporting, Magento is looking to make this even easier for the holidays.

“The holiday season represents a tremendous customer acquisition and growth opportunity for merchants but if they are not keeping an eye on the right data, they can get caught up in the hype and negatively impact gross margins,” stated Bob Moore, Head of Magento Analytics. “With the Magento Holiday Dashboard, we’ve made it easier than ever for merchants to deploy data-driven strategies to grow their business before, during, and well beyond the holiday season.”

The key capabilities of the Magento Holiday Dashboard includes:

  • Customer Acquisition: Identify the source of your most valuable holiday customers and invest marketing dollars in the highest-impact channels
  • Customer Retention: Discover the best times to email your existing customers with targeted holiday campaigns
  • Improved Productivity: Provide your team with a single source of the truth and centralized goals to drive holiday performance
  • Magento Holiday Benchmark: Measure your holiday performance against competitors and gain new insights on industry trends and averages with this companion study

These offerings are part of the new Magento Analytics, previously known as RJMetics until their recent acquisition from Magento.

“The Magento Holiday Dashboard and benchmark study gave us insights that helped to increase our holiday campaign ROI by 70 percent,” stated Johannes Radig, Head of Growth at Truly. “The data gave us a stronger understanding of our customer lifetime value, so we’re a lot smarter at identifying growth opportunities before, during and after the holiday season.”

You can learn more about the Holiday Dashboard here, or contact our team to learn how you can integrate the add-on with your site.

Elliot Volkman

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