Jun 25 2013

Making an Intelligent Website with Analytics: From Googlefest


One week ago, two members of Blue Acorn’s Optimization team presented at Googlefest, a free, one-day conference formatted especially for non-profit organizations, small businesses and educators. Blue Acorn’s User Engagement Specialist, Dodiet Sutardjo, gave attendees the lowdown on Adwords, while I, Conversion Consultant Amanda Graham, spoke on the merits of Analytics.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, or if you just lost your notes, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a thorough overview of each presentation. Below you’ll find the highlights of my presentation. For an overview of Dodiet Sutardjo’s presentation on Adwords, check it out this link.

“Making an Intelligent Website”

With Amanda Graham

Amanda Graham

Google Analytics is a free online platform that collects data and metrics about visitors to a website. You can use it to learn how visitors find your site (and where they leave it), which campaigns are performing best, and reveal your most valuable visitor segments.

Best Practice Implementations

  • Set up Goals for micro and macro conversions
  • Ensure you are filtering the ‘right’ traffic – you may not want to track yourself
  • Tag Important site features and interactions– like clicking a download button or an add to cart
  • Link to Adwords and Webmaster Tools

Conversions and Conversion Rates

Conversions: When a visitor completes an action you want on your website.

    Conversion Rate = Conversions/Visits

Conversions can be macro (large) or micro (small) conversions. Sites have many micro and fewer macro conversions. Think of micro-conversions as actions supporting the macro-conversion or main goal of a site.

Examples of Conversions:

  • Clicking Request More Information
  • Watching a Video
  • Most importantly for eCommerce – Purchasing a Product

Segmenting Data

Segmenting data helps you target and isolate date related to specific visitor types. Through the ability to compare multiple traffic types and to review metric data on visitor types, you can make better decisions.

How to segment data to determine the need for a mobile site

Using segmentation to determine the number of mobile visitors, mobile AOV (average order value), and mobile conversion rate. To determine if mobile cost is worth it use this following formula:

    Development Cost/(mobile visits x mobile AOV)

For example:

    $500/(100 visitors x $10) = 50% WORTH THE COST

    $50,000/(100 visitors x $10) = 500% NOT WORTH THE COST

For more information and other methods, you can check out this article on using analytics to determining browser support.

Click here for Dodiet Sutardjo’s presentation, “Building Awareness With Adwords”

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