Jan 26 2017

In Training: The Next Generation of Developers

Gen Z (also known as the iGeneration, among other names) is a hot topic in commerce these days – everyone is racing to discuss what they’re watching on YouTube or how we should be rethinking marketing efforts to better reach them. This generation is significant because they’re the first in history to have grown up with the internet, and therefore personal technology, at their fingertips.

Perhaps, more importantly, the industry should be discussing the impacts Gen Z will have on the future of commerce innovation and tech. Today Blue Acorn hosted a special guest, and we were delighted to help him out with a school project. Aidan is 12 years old, and visited us to learn more about web development.

Aidan spent the morning shadowing our team members from across the organization, including development, QA, project management and design. I sat down with him at the end of the day to find out more about what he learned.

Bethany: Why did you want to visit Blue Acorn?
Aidan: I’m interested in website design. This looked like a really cool company and I wanted to see what it was like.

B: What was the most interesting thing you learned today?
A: I didn’t realize how many people and how much coding it takes to create a website.

B: What do you want to do when you grow up?
A: I don’t know yet, but designing a website here looks really cool. It would be neat to create different experiences and structure them in a way that is good for people.

B: What’s your favorite website and why?
A: Of the websites Blue Acorn did, I really like Le Creuset.

Students like Aidan are the future of our industry – Gen Z will soon be at the helm of technology innovation, and STEM-based education in schools is giving them a head start that no other generation has experienced. Thanks, Aidan, for visiting Blue Acorn and for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge and industry experience with you.

Bethany Kelley

Public Relations Manager

After joining Blue Acorn's marketing team in 2014, Bethany jumped headfirst into the eCommerce world. Since then, she's focused on sharing Blue Acorn's achievements and client successes with the masses through social media, blogs, and press coverage.

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