Sep 13 2018

The Culture of Experimentation – Opticon ’18 Keynote

Since before the age of digital transformation, experimentation has always been a critical tool for understanding your customers and breaking through the status quo. However, experimentation is often siloed, not accessible across the organization, and left out of the overall strategy of connecting with customers. Optimizely and its customers aim to overcome this hurdle and… Read more »

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Aug 24 2018

Conversion Testing: What Brands Really Need to Know

What is conversion rate optimization testing? Conversion rate optimization (known as CRO or conversion testing) is the methodology to segment traffic and test different variations of the buying process to identify which presentation of content is best. Your desired customer action, or goal, could be providing an email address, completing a purchase, creating an account,… Read more »

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Jul 25 2018

Mobile Payment Security: The Role of Tokenization

Since Google Wallets launched in 2011, society has slowly been closing in on the day where wallets will no longer be necessary. During the last seven years, the mobile payment sector has become increasingly fragmented, more and more solutions are entering the market. Naturally, as mobile payments become more popular, mobile fraud also increases. The… Read more »

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