Jul 11 2008

Straight from the Shopper’s Mouth: Making Customer Reviews Work For You

As a frequent eCommerce shopper, I’ve got a mental checklist of things I want to see before I go hunting for the “Add to Cart” button. Some of them are no-brainers: Price. Benefits. Pictures. Then there are the more secondary (but still important) attributes, like shipping cost, product availability, and any applicable options to configure,… Read more »

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Jul 07 2008

It’s All in How You Say It—Tips on Evaluating (and Strengthening) Your Tone

What many e-commerce companies forget is that they communicate with their customers more than other websites. From registration forms, to order forms, to order confirmation emails, to lost password/login information emails—well, you get the idea. No doubt, you’ve spent a lot of time getting your website’s “tone” just right. But is that tone reflected in… Read more »

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Jun 17 2008

Michael Keaton Stars In Multiplicity II – eCommerce Pagination

With Andy MacDowell playing the role of Googlebot… Have you ever seen the movie Mulitplicity? Do you also happen to run/manage an eCommerce website? If so, then you should know exactly what I’m referring to without even reading any further. This isn’t a signal to hit your back button now, but instead an indication that… Read more »

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