Feb 07 2019

Podcast Recap: UI for Mobile Payments

On the latest episode of The Funnel, Casey and I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Harvell, Principal Front-end Architect at Blue Acorn. We discuss customer frustrations with mobile payments, the ideal user interface for mobile payments, and how to integrate a mobile payment to your ecommerce site. If you like the podcast, leave us a review!

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Not into podcasts? Here’s a recap:

When shopping on their mobile device, what are some of the top consumer frustrations?

  • Lack of convenience and too many required fields to complete the transaction: “There are improvements that can be made in reducing the amount of information you need to collect to complete a purchase, smartly placing confidence builders throughout your funnel so that it’s not a question when the user is about to click Place Order.” – Greg

What’s the ideal user interface for mobile payments?

  • One-click button or make the form look like their payment method: “If you’re asking them to fill out a credit card form, make the form look like a credit card, not so much in the skeuomorphism sense but in the sense of laying out form fields in the same matter they’re presented on the card.” – Greg

How can brands personalize the payment experience?

  • Data and testing: “I think Merchants can make gain a ton of information from looking at their analytics and focus on supporting the devices their consumers are using to make purchases.” – Greg

How do you integrate a mobile payment solution to your ecommerce platform?

  • Use a payment processor: “I think your best bet will always be to find a payment processor who provides this functionality in their integrations.” – Greg

Shannon Kenneally

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