Oct 28 2016
Qubit ML

Qubit Launches Qubit ML Engine So You Can Uncover More Revenue Opportunities

This week, Blue Acorn partner Qubit announced the upcoming release of Qubit ML, a machine-learning engine designed to help brands uncover revenue opportunities. Set to be released in November, Qubit ML will be part of the company’s Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform, which was announced as part of its latest round of venture funding earlier in the year.

According to an announcement from Qubit, the new platform will allow brands to mine their data in an effort to find opportunities. More specifically, Qubit ML will group a brand’s customers by largest revenue opportunity using predictive analytics and machine-learning methods. Because its automated system pulls in more data the more it’s used, the platform will become smarter over time. It will prioritize customer segments and groupings based on revenue opportunities, showing teams where they should focus their optimization and experience development efforts.

“Qubit ML is poised to completely change the customer experience game, in different ways, across different industries,” said Bud Goswami, head of data science at Qubit. “With opportunity mining, we’re delivering untapped potential. Qubit picks the best customers to target so that marketers can focus on the quality of the customer experience.”

In addition to Qubit’s new machine-learning solution, the company has also released enhancements to its programmatic experiences solution. Though more technical in nature, the new experience design workflow will allow business users to work with developers to build in custom digital experiences.

“This announcement demonstrates our commitment to power more meaningful customer experiences. Connecting the dots to accomplish this is hard, and yet we increasingly make it look easy. With every release, we help businesses better understand and influence their customers,” said Graham Cooke, CEO and founder of Qubit.

Qubit also released several other enhancements to support companies during the upcoming holiday season, such as increased support for season- or time-sensitive customer segments. This will allow brands to better segment and analyze the impact holiday shoppers will have on their KPIs.

“For companies to succeed, they need to build their businesses around the customer,” said Cooke. “We’re seeing continued change in how consumers interact with brands. The need to build a more complete customer understanding, and to have a robust and agile technology platform that helps deliver the right experiences, is imperative.”

Elliot Volkman

Digital Marketing Manager

Elliot is Blue Acorn's Digital Marketing Manager. He hold a master's degree in communication from Gonzaga, and has several awards for journalism and digital marketing. In his spare time he is a long-distance runner and triathlete.

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