Jun 03 2016
Marc Benioff Salesforce CEO

Salesforce Acquires Demandware, Sets Omnichannel to Full Speed Ahead

This week Salesforce announced it will be acquiring Demandware for $2.8 billion, and will later rename the company Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The acquisition will result in new resources for the Demandware platform, as well as pair it with Salesforce’s existing technological solutions.

According to Gartner, global spending on ecommerce platforms is expected to grow at over 14 percent annually, reaching $8.5 billion by 2020. With Salesforce’s investment into the ecommerce industry, the company will catapult toward a true omnichannel platform.

“It’s a natural marriage between two cloud pioneers, with Salesforce being one of the first true cloud offerings in the CRM space, and Demandware in the ecommerce platform space,” said Blue Acorn CEO Kevin Eichelberger. “There’s a big opportunity in the retail CRM space that nobody has been well positioned for. This gives Salesforce a big entrance into this category.”

According to a statement by Demandware, the acquisition will allow its customers to leverage the platform to deliver a more comprehensive, personalized consumer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This will result in a unified commerce platform connecting retailers with consumers through any channel, anytime, anywhere.

“The one big missing piece that no one seemed to be addressing was CRM–how a central view of the customer across channel was of significant importance to accomplish a true omnichannel mission. This move is really the first step in providing customers a real, truly capable omnichannel system,” said Eichelberger.

With our existing relationship with Demandware, we now look forward to an even more robust offering in the future.

“We’re excited to grow our partnership with Demandware and now Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce’s leading cloud solutions, we can deliver a more comprehensive, personalized consumer experience.,” said Blue Acorn CMO Chris Guerra.

Congratulations to our partners at Salesforce Cloud Commerce! We look forward to seeing what amazing and innovative offerings you bring to the ecommerce industry under your new Salesforce umbrella.

Elliot Volkman

Digital Marketing Manager

Elliot is Blue Acorn's Digital Marketing Manager. He hold a master's degree in communication from Gonzaga, and has several awards for journalism and digital marketing. In his spare time he is a long-distance runner and triathlete.

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