Sep 18 2018

Growing Commerce and Loyalty with Voice Technology – ’18

Today, there are over 15,000 devices that use voice technology. Since the launch of Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home, two things became clear: consumers love voice technology, and they are comfortable using it. For brands, this is a significant opportunity to better engage with customers. The number of sales provided by voice assistants is… Read more »

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Jul 13 2017
amazon prime day

Future of Ecommerce: How Amazon and Giant Retailers Will Change in 10 Years

Physical retail stores are closing at a record pace all while giant brands such as Amazon and Walmart are expanding their digital footprint. Of the largest retailers, they too are shifting to an omnichannel world, though many remain lagging behind. Even grocery stories, the goliaths that commonly take up more physical real estate compared to… Read more »

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