Nov 05 2012

eCommerce Takeaways from the Google Analytics Summit 2012

This past week, Blue Acorn attended the Google Analytics Summit at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. During the event, Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium customers discussed the rapidly advancing future of Google’s renowned data program, Google Analytics. This year’s summit was a two-day, two-part event with the first day… Read more »

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Oct 01 2012

Exploring the Use of Google Tag Manager for eCommerce

Today, Google announced the release of a new product, Google Tag Manager (GTM). Once set up, using a tag manager allows you to easily manage your eCommerce marketing campaigns without consulting your technical team. This is important because in today’s world of real-time data and competing remarketing practices, quick decisions and equally fast implementations are… Read more »

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Jul 30 2012

Google to Add Remarketing Control to Google Analytics, AdWords

The professionals at Google Analytics always give you more opportunities to make data-driven marketing decisions. Their latest announcement is no exception. Google Analytics is adding remarketing control directly into the Google Analytics platform. This means you can use Google Analytics data already available (and historical data) to create specific segments targeted for remarketing, then deploy… Read more »

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Jun 08 2012

From Like to Checkout: Google Analytics & Social Tracking

Social sites continue to grow and become a part of the everyday experience. According to Nielsen, consumers spend 23% of their time online on a social media site. The study raises questions about how visitors originating from social media sites behave on eCommerce sites. Are they purchasing? Should you consider increasing your Facebook PPC budget?… Read more »

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