Jul 29 2011

WTF Have We Been?

If you’ve come to our site this year looking for advice, tips, and experiences from some of the amazing eCommerce initiatives we’ve been working on lately – you’ve been greeted with the sound of crickets chirping. We’ve surpassed the longest period of time ever without a single blog post, and some have even asked “are… Read more »

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Jan 06 2010

War, the Long Tail SKU Search Domination

For mortal ecommerce merchants involved in search marketing- on a budget- this means adroitly picking the right search terms and channels to market your wares and then fully vesting them to ensure their don’t just appear in those search results but appear, appear and reappear yet again not only across multiple SKUs but again and again for a single SKU. Don’t just show up for the first page search results party. Own it.

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Jun 24 2009

eCommerce Freedom

Last week while attending the Internet Retailer Conference in Boston, I had the pleasure of meeting a variety of eCommerce vendors in the exhibition hall.  Many of them with innovative (and some not so innovative) software, solutions, or services targeted towards online retailers and solving their needs, pain points, and goals.  In discussions with a… Read more »

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Apr 10 2009

9 Questions to Ask a Drop Shipper

So you’ve found the perfect product — or products — to start selling. You’ve got a solid marketing plan, a good grasp on your target consumer, and a professional, user-friendly interface that gives you an edge over the competition. But wait — how are you going to store and ship all of that inventory? For… Read more »

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