Jan 21 2019

4 Ecommerce Challenges Beauty Brands Continue to Face

As retail slows and new brands emerge, nobody should be surprised that the resulting industry growth is shifting online. For beauty companies, the same trend can be seen. According to Internet Retailer, the online beauty category grew web sales by 23.6% in 2017, outpacing the overall ecommerce growth rate. By comparison, the beauty and cosmetics… Read more »

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Dec 10 2018

Can a B2B ecommerce site really attract NEW customers? What you need to know to sell growth

Everyone is selling improved business processes to wholesalers, but it’s often better to sell an ecommerce storefront to your boss with more revenue than reduced expenses. Our survey respondents’ agree: B2B professionals were more than twice as likely to say that acquiring new customers to grow revenue would be more effective positioning than reducing reliance… Read more »

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Dec 05 2018

Will big box retailers always use an EDI to complete transactions?

EDI (electronic data interchange) is the most commonly used method to exchange business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, between business partners. However, becoming EDI ready and compliant is a pain. Even after you spend time and money getting set up, you still have to transmit and receive invoices, advance shipping notices, and purchase… Read more »

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