May 18 2009

Does Your eCommerce Site Suffer from Confusability?

In the Twitterverse last week, the fine folks at MarketingProfs talked about “confusability,” which they defined as “the direct opposite of usability in terms of web site or application design. This is achieved either intentionally or unintentionally.” Around the same time, Blue Acorn CEO & President Kevin Eichelberger tweeted that he didn’t like Kmart’s new… Read more »

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May 11 2009

Advertorial 101: An Advertising Medium E-Commerce Companies Should Consider

There’s a type of advertising that you might not know much about, but it’s one that can work well with a wide variety of products and services that are sold online. It’s called an advertorial. What is an advertorial? The word itself–advertorial–is a portmanteau, combining the words “advertisement” and “editorial.” It’s essentially an ad dressed… Read more »

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