Nov 12 2008

Tips for Boosting Average Order Size

In today’s tough economy, no business is immune to the nationwide belt-tightening efforts. Penny-pinching consumers are spending less and saving more, resulting in sagging sales for eCommerce stores, especially those that peddle non-essential goods and services. Until things improve on the financial horizon, online sellers may need to shift their marketing focus. While it may… Read more »

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Sep 02 2008

Make it Personal: Tips for Effective Customization

In today’s “me-centric” marketplace, consumers are demanding customization on virtually everything, from bath towels to welcome mats to barware. Today, hundreds of thousands of U.S. businesses are offering some level of personalization on the products they’re selling, with annual sales well into the billions. And it looks like the trend isn’t fading anytime soon —… Read more »

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