Jan 05 2017
popup doomsday

How Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Change Will Affect Almost Every Online Retailer

In the 90s, you could navigate to almost any site and there would be some sort of popup that would open up an entirely new window, often an advertisement. Eventually, consumers became overburdened with these popups, and browsers shifted to include tabbed pages and anti-popup measures. However, once again we have found ourselves in the… Read more »

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Sep 22 2016

Holiday Customers Don’t Have Long-Term Value. Or Do They?

At Blue Acorn, we’re big fans of using data as a means to improve online shopping, so we devoured The Ecommerce Holiday Customer Benchmark Report from Magento Analytics. The analysis, which extended across 350 clients, 50 million customers, and 40 billion transactions, set out to compare the value of shoppers acquired over the holidays to… Read more »

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Apr 01 2016
dotmailer drone april fools

April Fool’s Day Is No Joke For Ecommerce Brands

Beyond optimization tactics and amazing designs, one of the most effective ways to drive customers to buy from an ecommerce site is through marketing campaigns. From personalized emails to connecting social media posts with a specific holiday, brands can enter organic conversations that their customers are already having. Not surprisingly one particular holiday truly brings… Read more »

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Jul 09 2013

Building Awareness With Adwords: From Googlefest

One week ago, two members of Blue Acorn’s Optimization team presented at Googlefest, a free, one-day conference formatted especially for non-profit organizations, small businesses and educators. Blue Acorn’s Conversion Consultant, Amanda Graham, spoke on the merits of Analytics, while I, User Engagement Specialist Dodiet Sutardjo, gave attendees the lowdown on Adwords.

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