Oct 14 2009

Preparing for the Holiday Rush

For consumers, the passing of Labor Day signals the transition from swimsuits to sweaters. But for e-tailers, it marks the ramp-up for the biggest online shopping season of the year: the Christmas frenzy. The gap between web and brick-and-mortar purchases continues to shrink, most notably during the holidays. To help you get the maximum traffic—and,… Read more »

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Sep 28 2009

PR: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Recently, I’ve been getting questions from people regarding PR. Unfortunately, many businesses confuse PR with marketing. They are different, but they do work in tandem. Or, in some cases, PR might be part of an overall marketing strategy. Another common misconception: many people think “press releases” when it comes to PR, but that’s just one teeny-tiny… Read more »

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Sep 01 2009

Pssst: Pass it On!

In today’s competitive marketplace, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective tools in any online business’ arsenal. Referrals can go a long way toward building customer loyalty and drawing in new clientele. Smart companies know that by perfecting the art of word-of-mouth marketing (or “WOMM”), they’ll make themselves more appealing and accessible to potential… Read more »

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May 11 2009

Advertorial 101: An Advertising Medium E-Commerce Companies Should Consider

There’s a type of advertising that you might not know much about, but it’s one that can work well with a wide variety of products and services that are sold online. It’s called an advertorial. What is an advertorial? The word itself–advertorial–is a portmanteau, combining the words “advertisement” and “editorial.” It’s essentially an ad dressed… Read more »

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