Apr 10 2019

Road to Imagine 2019: Expectations, Tips, Predictions

Magento’s ecosystem is unlike any other in ecommerce, with its 800+ technology partners, 350 systems integrators, a community of over 315k developers, and over 4,400 extensions in the marketplace. Imagine, Magento’s annual conference, is the one time a year that brings together the entire network and industry leaders to inspire, educate, and collaborate. Months before… Read more »

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May 22 2018

Adobe Acquires Magento

On Monday, Adobe Systems Inc. agreed to buy ecommerce platform Magento for $1.68 billion. Magento brings a missing ecommerce piece to Adobe Experience Cloud, aiming to create a seamless end-to-end system on a single platform for B2B and B2C customers. The deal, Adobe’s third largest to date, is expected to close the third quarter of… Read more »

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Dec 04 2017

Magento and Signifyd Build a Powerful Ecommerce Combination

With massive data breaches being announced seemingly every week, the threat of online fraud looms larger than ever for e-commerce merchants. But while the bad guys are upping their game with a new trove of stolen identities, the good guys aren’t standing pat. Leading e-commerce platform Magento, for instance, recently announced that Signifyd’s machine-learning fraud… Read more »

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Jun 29 2017

Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source: Top Revenue-Impacting Features Ranked

Do you know someone who doesn’t get why they should pay for Magento Commerce (formerly known as Magento Enterprise), when they could use Magento Open Source (formerly know as Magento Community) for free? While many capabilities are exclusive to Magento Commerce, I’ve highlighted a few that have the greatest potential to impact your online store’s… Read more »

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Dec 19 2016

5 Tips for Handling Ecommerce Requests from Your Team From YETI’s Ecommerce Manager

If you’re an ecommerce manager, you probably have a lot of people knocking on your door all the time. Whether it’s someone from the call center, accounting team, marketing, or IT, they have a need or a problem, and you’re the person who hasn’t fixed it. Before we get cynical about these wonderful folks, let’s… Read more »

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