May 29 2012

Magento’s Native Integration with Google Website Optimizer

A big question in the Magento community is, How do I improve revenue and conversion rate on my Magento eCommerce site? The best answer is conversion optimization. Conversion optimization takes your current site and tests different scenarios to determine what changes may best improve your site. Conversion testing can include making changes to layout, image,… Read more »

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Apr 11 2012

Imagine an eCommerce Conference in Las Vegas

As the fourth week of April approaches, Blue Acorn is doing everything that an eCommerce agency is supposed to do before an industry conference in Las Vegas: confirming flight and hotel reservations, restocking our business cards, watching The Hangover, double-checking our presentation materials, and planning for a stellar pool party!

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Mar 20 2012

Certifiably Magento

Magento Certification, Where Have You Been?? At Blue Acorn, we quickly noticed a pattern: Company A would send out an RFP. We would leverage our experience as early adopters of the platform, respond with a fair and accurate quote, and then lose the bid to a shop that would promise to get the same job… Read more »

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Dec 19 2011

Plundor Brings Significant Value to the Magento Extension Community

Throughout time, the Dutch have provided us with numerous innovations: the microscope, the telescope, submarines, 4WD, and the compact disc. Now, they have a new contribution specifically for the Magento development community, Plundor. The creation of Dutchmen Guido Jansen and Sander Schoneville, Plundor serves a marketing program for Magento extension builders, generating a lot of… Read more »

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