Mar 31 2016
investing in optimization

How to Invest in Optimization

Developing an optimization strategy requires more work than making room in the budget for an optimization tool. Still, you rarely hear tales of remorse from those that have gone down the path of optimization. Your goals and your traffic will determine how extensive your program should be. With that information, you’ll be able to decide… Read more »

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Mar 14 2016

Talking Optimization with Tamer Osman of Qubit

As vice president of Partnerships at Qubit, Tamer Osman is focused on building out the Solution and Technology partner program. Prior to joining Qubit in December of 2014, Tamer helped build startups and led partner programs for KPMG Consulting, Infosys, Tealeaf, IBM and Demandware. He holds an undergraduate and masters degree in Industrial Technology from Cal… Read more »

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Feb 18 2016
Flickering Content

12 Techniques to Mitigate Content Flashing During A/B Testing

If you’re experiencing flickering or flashing of unstyled content (FOUC) while conducting A/B testing on a website within a platform, read on. Users can be exposed to “flickers” of the original content before a test’s code executes changes, which could negatively impact your user experience or revenue goals. The code you write for any test… Read more »

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Jul 08 2015

Introducing Blue Acorn’s Fantasy Testing League

Since Blue Acorn is known for having fun (and sometimes being competitive), the Optimization Team created a company-wide version of, combining A/B testing with a fantasy sports-esque gamification model. We’re calling it Blue Acorn’s “Fantasy Testing League.” The League engages the entire Blue Acorn team by collectively enhancing our understanding of the websites we… Read more »

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Jul 02 2015
Opticon 2015

Opticon 2015: In a Nutshell

Recently our team spent several days in San Francisco with our partners from Optimizely at Opticon, their annual conference. Between exciting Optimizely announcements, spending time with clients and partners, and attending information sessions, it was a successful trip to the west coast. Dan Siroker, Co-Founder & CEO of Optimizely, took the stage to make several… Read more »

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Oct 07 2014

The Dangers of Quick A/B Tests

Testing is a science, and scientists go to great lengths to obtain accurate results. They ensure accuracy by writing a solid hypothesis, creating clean environments, minimizing outliers, and waiting for enough data to collect. You may not be looking for a cure or an answer regarding the cosmos, but if you want accurate results, you… Read more »

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Aug 26 2014

Reaching Statistical Significance

When a test disproves your hypothesis, it can be disappointing. While you learn something about your customers, you don’t get the thrill of the win. Still, losing is not nearly as disappointing as a test that never ends. So why do some tests reach statistical significance quickly and some never get valid results?

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