May 29 2012

Magento’s Native Integration with Google Website Optimizer

A big question in the Magento community is, How do I improve revenue and conversion rate on my Magento eCommerce site? The best answer is conversion optimization. Conversion optimization takes your current site and tests different scenarios to determine what changes may best improve your site. Conversion testing can include making changes to layout, image,… Read more »

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Jun 22 2010

Boost Sales with an Emphasis on Visual Marketing

For most small business owners, common marketing strategies include taking out ads in trade magazines and newspapers, buying advertising space online, or handing out fliers. Then there are the plethora of “guerilla marketing” tools that can be used to generate a buzz in the community about your product or service. But did you know that… Read more »

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Aug 04 2009

Call it What it Is

There’s so much to think about when you’re designing the website for your online business: creating the right look and feel, making your products look good, and writing copy that sets your business apart from the millions of other eCommerce sites out there. In an effort to stand out, it can be tempting to attach… Read more »

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May 18 2009

Does Your eCommerce Site Suffer from Confusability?

In the Twitterverse last week, the fine folks at MarketingProfs talked about “confusability,” which they defined as “the direct opposite of usability in terms of web site or application design. This is achieved either intentionally or unintentionally.” Around the same time, Blue Acorn CEO & President Kevin Eichelberger tweeted that he didn’t like Kmart’s new… Read more »

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