Feb 11 2019

Vendor Spotlight: Clutch

Clutch is a customer data and marketing platform created to help businesses identify customers, analyze data, and recommend actions that benefit their brand. Since their start in 2012, Clutch has grown to a global business with over 800 customers across 19 countries. They manage over 100 million unique customer profiles and process millions of unique… Read more »

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Dec 10 2018

Vendor Spotlight: Yotpo

Yotpo is a commerce marketing cloud that enables retailers and brands to display customer content, such as user reviews and photos, on their site and across the buyer journey using an AI-powered solution and build custom, on-brand loyalty and referral programs. In 2011, Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen founded the company after Tagrin experienced a… Read more »

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Dec 03 2018

Vendor Spotlight: Deck Commerce

Deck Commerce, a cloud-based order management solution for omnichannel retailing, was founded in 2015 by Chris Deck. Deck previously operated a successful ecommerce consulting agency that focused on ecommerce operations. While working as a  consulting agency for retailers, Deck quickly noticed how they were solving the same problems over and over again. He turned this… Read more »

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Nov 07 2018

SFRA: Top Questions Answered

Earlier this year, Salesforce B2C Commerce launched Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), the next iteration of its reference application which serves as the starting point for storefront design. Both SFRA and the existing SiteGenesis framework sit outside the platform API layer and serve as out-of-the-box blueprints for the storefront; containing the fully functional elements needed to… Read more »

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Jul 13 2017
amazon prime day

Future of Ecommerce: How Amazon and Giant Retailers Will Change in 10 Years

Physical retail stores are closing at a record pace all while giant brands such as Amazon and Walmart are expanding their digital footprint. Of the largest retailers, they too are shifting to an omnichannel world, though many remain lagging behind. Even grocery stories, the goliaths that commonly take up more physical real estate compared to… Read more »

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Jun 20 2017
LL Bean Future of Ecommerce Mid-Size Retailers

Future of Ecommerce: How Mid-Size Retailers May Change by 2022

Technology plays a primary role in how retail and ecommerce function today. What once took up excess time for consumers to travel to a store, navigate aisles, and compare item-by-item based on what is on a package has been replaced by a few Google searches and reading aggregated reviews. Now that emerging technology like virtual… Read more »

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