Jan 05 2017
popup doomsday

How Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Change Will Affect Almost Every Online Retailer

In the 90s, you could navigate to almost any site and there would be some sort of popup that would open up an entirely new window, often an advertisement. Eventually, consumers became overburdened with these popups, and browsers shifted to include tabbed pages and anti-popup measures. However, once again we have found ourselves in the… Read more »

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Aug 23 2016
consumer confidence partner webinar

Three Proven Ways to Increase Consumer Confidence and Drive Revenue [Webinar]

In today’s e-commerce landscape, 68% of carts are abandoned before buyers make a purchase. Building consumer confidence helps counteract this alarming trend. During this webinar, we’ll look at common challenges that eCommerce professionals face, and we’ll talk about proven strategies and tactics to solve them. Join us as we also share stories of how our… Read more »

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Jul 18 2016
checkout flow

New Resource: Optimizing Your Checkout Flow for Conversions [Webinar Recording]

In late June our Director of Optimization Jay Atkinson joined our friends at AddShoppers for a discussion regarding ways to optimize your checkout flow. From keeping the flow simple to identifying when you should ask a customer to create an account, Jay dug into some easy to assess strategies to improve conversions. As an ecommerce… Read more »

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Jul 06 2016
Blue Acorn Golden Bronto award

[Webinar] A/B Testing & SEM to Fuel Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re running a promotion or retargeting existing users, it’s important to ensure your customers follow an optimized journey. Join us on July 14 for a joint discussion with Bronto about A/B testing strategies that can be combined with the marketing power of advertising and SEM to improve your KPIs. Four A/B testing strategies to help… Read more »

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Jun 16 2016
signature hardware free shipping

Webinar Recap: Driving Conversions and Revenue Through A/B Testing

In conversion optimization, two things hold true: There are no silver bullets, and there can be no significance without solid traffic. Every ecommerce business has its own set of unique goals and challenges, therefore no tactic or strategy is one-size-fits-all. When developing test ideas for an optimization program, not only do you need a custom… Read more »

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