Sep 19 2018

Package Delivered: Enhancing The Last Moment of Truth – ’18

Sealed Air Corporation’s claim to fame is its invention of bubble wrap in 1960. Since then, the company has grown its packaging services in the food packaging and product care industries and transitioned into a small parcel fulfillment company. Sealed Air is an industrial company by nature, but ecommerce changed the way it does business… Read more »

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Sep 18 2018

Growing Commerce and Loyalty with Voice Technology – ’18

Today, there are over 15,000 devices that use voice technology. Since the launch of Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home, two things became clear: consumers love voice technology, and they are comfortable using it. For brands, this is a significant opportunity to better engage with customers. The number of sales provided by voice assistants is… Read more »

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Sep 14 2018

How to Use Customer Generated Content to Strengthen Shopper Engagement – ’18

Cranking out endless amounts of content that is engaging and valuable takes a significant amount of time and effort. Customer generated content (CGC) provides retailers and brands a break from creating original content and is proven to improve customer engagement. Luckily, if you provide your customers a space to share their comments, CGC is easy… Read more »

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Sep 13 2018

How Machine Learning and AI Can Help Deliver Better Customer Experiences – ’18

When you look back at your day, think about how much digitally infused our lives have become. Digital is everywhere—in your electric toothbrush, smart watch, mobile phone—and it assists in other non-digital aspects of our lives. Kiran Mani, the Managing Director for Google’s Retail Sector, started the session with a story about a day he… Read more »

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