Nov 28 2012 Conversion Testing for Magento Made Easy

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Blue Acorn recently announced the beta release of the Blue Acorn Convert Experiments module on the Magento Connect marketplace. The announcement came during a recent webinar hosted by that featured Blue Acorn Founder & CEO, Kevin Eichelberger.

It’s no secret that Kevin is a strong advocate of conversion testing as a means for increasing eCommerce revenue. It actually started long before Magento asked him to be the panel leader for the Business Breakout session on Conversion Optimization at the company’s Imagine Conference earlier this year. At that point, Kevin had been promoting the ease with which Google Website Optimizer (GWO) enabled Magento users to easily conduct A/B tests with little to no coding knowledge. Unfortunately, Google chose to quit offering the service, and we wondered if we would be able to find a tool worthy enough to be recognized as its replacement. Well, we did.

Convert Experiments Easy A/B Testing

Convert Insights, the company behind has a simiar web-based testing tool called Convert Experiments that pairs an intuitive user interface with some seriously useful features. It easily allows users to run A/B, multivariate, and URL split tests, also with little to no coding knowledge. Whereas GWO lacked the ability to run multivariate tests and constantly required client (FTP) access, Convert Experiments will work with one installation, allows for multivariate testing, and builds tests without client access. When we came across Convert Experiments, it already worked well with Magento, but both Convert Insights and Blue Acorn knew that it could be even better.

Convert Experiments Full Test Control

Fully aware of the Magento wizardry that takes place at Blue Acorn, Convert Insights Founder & CEO, Dennis van der Heijden, chose us to be the company responsible for building a module that would give Magento users the ability to better filter down and customize their tests.

“Blue Acorn is one of Magento’s most professional and reputable partners,” notes van der Heijden. “Their unique focus on eCommerce conversion optimization made them an obvious choice when it came to building the connection between Magento and Convert Experiments. A/B testing in Magento has never been easier. This sophisticated but simple to use plugin even includes features such as category and price targeting. Blue Acorn’s team did a fabulous job of developing and launching this integration.”

Blue Acorn Convert Experiments for Magento

The Blue Acorn Convert Experiments for Magento module provides basic system configuration settings that can be customized on a per-store scope basis with the intention of displaying unique information on pages across your Magento store. With the module enabled, each page of the website will always display the user group type. Product pages will display the Product SKU, name, type, attribute set, price, and any custom attributes defined in the system configuration. Category pages will display the category name, immediate parent category (if available), custom design (or default package/theme) and category ID. CMS pages will display a page type variable defined as CMS.

    Module Features

  • Easily adds or removes necessary Convert Experiments JavaScript and variables to pages of your Magento store by enabling or disabling the module in the Magento backend
  • Does not modify any other site scripts
  • Supports multi-store view
  • Enables the creation of page tags for Convert Experiments Advanced Segments
  • Allows for up to four attributes to specifically target products for conversion testing
  • Enables the user to run experiments based on Magento product attributes
  • Enables product page, category page, and CMS page tagging
  • The ability to map attribute values as custom JavaScript variables
  • Automatically tags important Magento page content for use within’s suite of tools, in addition to the basic JavaScript installation of the header script

More Helpful Information

This module is compatible with all installations of Magento CE 1.6+ and Magento EE 1.11+. Installation notes and further documentation can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also visit our company YouTube page for upcoming screencasts that will offer step-by-step video instructions for the installation and setup of the Blue Acorn Convert Experiments for Magento module. While you are encouraged to comment below, please address any specific support questions to for the fastest response.

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