Nov 05 2014
Google Analytics

Blue Acorn Brings Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce to the Magento Masses

When Google released Universal Analytics in beta last year, we were impressed, but not surprised. Google stays ahead of the curve, and we knew the ability to track visitors across multiple devices would soon become the standard. As expected, they did it first, and they did it well. However, when they announced Enhanced Ecommerce earlier this year, we began looking at the godfather of analytics in a whole new light.

Enhanced Ecommerce for Magento on Magento Connect
Click here to view this extension on Magento Connect.

Enhanced Ecommerce – in our eyes – represents Google’s strongest commitment to eCommerce analytics to date. In combination with their Universal Analytics offering, this is a toolset every online merchant should have available to them, which is why Blue Acorn is proud to have been chosen by our partners at Google to build the official Magento extension that will make the integration process much easier and less time consuming.

Did we mention, it’s free?

Just like the Magento integration extension we built for Optimizely last year, this one is also free. Like Google, companies like ours want everybody looking at their data. We also want our clients to be testing hypotheses based on the data they have available to them. These modules are our way of making such habits easier.

PLEASE NOTE that simply downloading this extension does not automatically generate an account with Google, set up your username and password, and send you your favorite latte via a Google drone (although that would be cool).

You’ll still need to register with Google, which you can do by clicking here.

If you already have the classic version of Google Analytics (ga.js), you will need to upgrade to Universal Analytics BEFORE downloading this extension in order to have data continuity. You can find information on how to do that here.

If this is a clean slate build of Magento and you have not yet installed any analytics scripts, just go ahead and install this extension, then smile.

Please email us with any support questions that you may have.

Bethany Kelley

Public Relations Manager

After joining Blue Acorn's marketing team in 2014, Bethany jumped headfirst into the eCommerce world. Since then, she's focused on sharing Blue Acorn's achievements and client successes with the masses through social media, blogs, and press coverage.


Nov 07 2014

Just saw it’s only for Magento Enterprise. Are you planning on a version for Community as well?

Justin Poole
Nov 14 2014

Thanks for reaching out, Nina! Yes, we do intend on building this out and testing it for Community Edition users as well. It should be ready in the coming weeks. We will email you when it has been released on Magento Connect.

Dec 05 2014

Justin, I would also like to be notified when you release a Community Edition version. Any updates so far?

Dec 08 2014

Hi Justin
I’d also love a CE version of this extension. Do you have an updated ETA for this?
Thanks in advance

Dec 12 2014

Sorry for nagging. Any news on the CE version? Eager to implement. 🙂

Hagai Jacobson
Dec 14 2014

1. Same question about the CE support.
2. Can you explain some more regarding the e-commerce features that you reporting back to GA?

Dec 15 2014


Pleas notify me when the community edition is available.

Best Regards,


Dec 15 2014

Hi, is the extension also compatible with EE versions below 1.14? (1.11 – 1.13)

Thank you

Cody Wood
Dec 15 2014

I would love an update when this is available for CE as well. Left my comment hoping to get an email when ready 🙂

Jeremy Silva
Dec 16 2014

This does not appear to work on older versions of Magento EE (ie: 1.13.0)? Is that correct?

Paul Rogers
Dec 17 2014

This is very cool – looking forward to the CE version 🙂

Dec 18 2014

Any updates on the CE version 🙂

Dec 19 2014

Any news on community edition release?

Dec 31 2014

Also Looking for a CE ! *fingers crossed soon*

Jan 18 2015

Firstly thanks, this looks like a promising extension and I look forward to being able to use it.

Is there a rough timeframe on the CE support? We are just trying to decide if we should wait for the official extension support or try to find another option for now.

Also given that this is a free extension, are there any plans to open it up on github?

Jan 23 2015

Any news about the community version and a release?

Apr 23 2015

Thanks for this, much better than the manual integration I had done.

But one issue:

While the category info is being sent to Google, Google isn’t picking it up for some unknown reason. So I can no longer look at Ecommerce data by product categories on our Magento EE 1.12 store’s analytics.

Anyone have any ideas?


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